7/22 South Sound Report

I fished a small estuary yesterday afternoon for a few hours in the middle of the outgoing tide. I immediately hooked up with two nice 14 inch cutthroat swinging a green cactus chenille squid pattern across the flats. I drifted down the beach with the current over a couple schools of huge pile perch. Has anyone else seen these guys around? I switched to a clouser and hooked up with a couple smaller cutts and was about to leave when I saw a huge cutthroat crashing around chasing bait up the beach. I motored up and got into position, and a couple of casts later I must have put the fly in his face because I just felt this soft take, then I set the hook and he was off. 20 inches at least. I had no line on the reel - it was paid out to the backing. He made three huge jumps as I let line out through my hands, then stripped it in as he finally came back towards the boat. With the fish under control about 15 feet from the boat, I cranked frantically trying to get 100 feet of line back on my little click and pawl reel. This was ultimately my demise, and with another jump and a head wiggle he was gone. Man, I love sea runs! I chilled out for a minute, then resumed fishing and brought another nice 16" fish to the boat. What a productive day compared to a few weeks ago. And there are big fish around too! At the beginning of July it seemed like all I could catch was a few shaker cutts and some 10-12 inchers. Has anyone else noticed this transition?

Jake Bannon

nymphs for steelhead....
Sweet report, sounds like the fish you lost was a true trophy. Ive yet to notice but I am gonna head out tomarrow and try my luck at Purdy once more, Im hoping I will start to see a difference in size because all Ive been catching are babies.


Dale Dennis

Formally Double-D
Here in the North Sound we have been experiencing good numbers of Cutts in the 15"+ range and not many below that. It's been a few years that I can recall consistantly larger searuns---this is a good sign.