Dry Falls Pot Luck.. LETS GRIND!

Lets Plan on a Pot luck the Sat night of the Dry falls Weekend 04/10/04. By everyone pitching in a little, we'll all grind like Kings, and won't be stuck eating Chili every night. The only rules: You cook what you bring, and you only grind if you contribute. I will plan on bringing a big batch of Shrimp Scampi. Bhuddah, you can def. bring the Salad }( and that'll work.

So far this is what we got.. lets make this list grow, and do this Hawaiian style a littleof everything for a lot of good food!

Tightline - Shrimp Scampi
Andy - Steaks
Bhuddah - Salad/Greens
FlyBill - Potato Salad
Old Man - Dessert in the Desert
SAK -Swine with a FAT rub
Bart -BBQ Chicken
Alpine -A sexy Cajun dish
Hikepat -Vegetables
Backyard -Fettuchini Alfredo with crispy swine
Roper -Sausage
Jabseattle -(possibly) British Bangers
Leaky Tiki -special super secret mesquite BBQ pork tenderloin with HOT ASS mustard and seseme seeds

If no one else is down I guess Bhuddah, Andy and I will enjoy our Steak and Shrimp, after an appetizer of KILLER Salad. }( The rest of y'all can eat your Chili with Old Man and pay the price. :p



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(Very) Ironically, I am deathly allergic to seafood :bawling , so the shrimp scampi is not an option for me, so Bhudda's KILLER salad can be accompanied by some more appropriately named KILLER shrimp

Old Man

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I was planning to eat a steak up on saturday with a big bowl of chili,with a salad myself.So I really don't know if I have enough room in my cooler for beer let alone food for you all. I will have to think on this for a while.......... I just thought about it I was thinking along the lines of some kind of a dessert. Like a very large apple pie or something like apple crisp. Think about this.

Boy,if this doesn't pan out I hope I have enough CHILI for myself

Jim: With enough chili I won't need an outboard moter to get around.:rolleyes
'Nuff Said!

'Nuff Said Jim... I'm putting you down for an Apple Crisp. Don't have to make me think about that!


Fishing, Beer, and FOOD..... these are a few of my favorite things. Got to call the rest out... lets go!


And whoever else is coming!
'Nuff Said!

My plans are to arrive sometime Fri and fish that evening and fish on Sat...unless kitchen pass changes.

So.......I probably won't be able to partake in the Sat night potluck as I have to be back in Seattle late Sat night....I might throw in some British bangers though even if I'm not there for the eating...I'll keep you posted


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Good idea. I'll do some BBQ chicken. Does anyone know if there are pits and grills there or should I lug my own?

Shaping up to be a classic outing.



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maybe we could do some kind of shishkabobs with the chicken and the steaks:thumb

But whos gonna be that guy that brings vegetables on a rugged camping trip:dunno

Just a thought

I am trying to "rescue" my little bbq grill from an ex-girlfriend tonight, I hope someone else has one in case I cant get it back



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Count my silly ass in for some swine! I will hit costco and get a slab of swine, put a fat rub on it and let it cure for a few days. Nothing is so fine as eating swine!

This is turning out to be quite nice! Bart, I don't believe there are grills in camp... they have some in the pic nic area of Sun Lakes but not in camp (if I recall correctly).

Right on SAK! Just don't tell me whats in that special rub... :dunno


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'Nuff Said!

I'll see if I can pull off an appearance that weekend. If so I will be sure to bring something straight out of my favorite cookbook, Cajun Sexy Cookin'!
Heck I will be the one to bring vegetables. Besides I am not one to take time to cook much when camping any ways. Make sure we have a list of just how many are taking part in this little pot luck so we all know how much to bring.

What rugged camping trip? With all the stuff this group brings, it like not even leaving home. For a rugged trip lets all hike in to some lake with everything on our back. :7
Its funny what does not seem so important to have with you, when you have to pack it in yourself.


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Pork fat rules...

I'll bring an assortment of sausage for the grill.

Backyard and Bhudda will have to arm wrestle to see who gets the Pimp Boat. I'll be bringing another tube also and spare fins for someone.


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