Dry Falls Pot Luck.. LETS GRIND!


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Pork fat rules...

Yup, I head back to NY tomorrow for four days and I'll be back to join y'all at the falls.
Wonder if I should bring the 12' Pt. Defiance....?


Good things come to those who wade...
Pork fat rules...

Well hope everything in NY goes well, glad you're gonna be coming. 12'r eh? might be nice if it's windy, as long as you got a good anchor.
Wheres Pwoens, Crump, MacRowdy, BobL, Flip, Mulligan, etc. etc. etc... we need baked beans, chili, mac salad, DOGS (in case JabSea doesn't make it) and such!!! I think Roper is the only Eastsider representing!

"I panhandle for flies" - Joe Trowtbum.!!!

i like that- "quasi-eastsider":p :p roper can i inquire as to what size the fins are? could they fit a womens foot, are they boot strap on ones or do they go over the bootfoot kind"? might need them if they are avail.:thumb
"I panhandle for flies" - Joe Trowtbum.
i think MAc should bring the "Mac n Wac cheese" :+
Crump should bring Crumpets and jam:+
BobL would need some sort of night stand for his 5th of?:beer1
and so on and so on, i know stupid ideas but im bored, think ill hit blackmans}(


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Omigod! Like I think I'm Bi...whateverrrr!

The fins fit over my size 9 wading boots just fine, you decide if your girlfriend can wear 'em.


Good things come to those who wade...


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Not sure if my plans are gonna pan out or not...I have too many side jobs and have been using my weekends to wrap em up before the real fishing hits ;) I might make it for a night and a day of fishing...so I have to pass on being put on the list...sorry but I just dont know at this point...besides Jim is going to be there :p :p

~Patrick ><>
It looks like I caught a weekend pass so I will be bringing my special super secret mesquite BBQ pork tenderloin with HOT ASS}( mustard and seseme seeds....................because really, can you ever have enough swine?


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I also got three more buddies on board for this trip, since they are pussing out on this weekend's trip to Nunally.
Team Eagle One will be there in force:
Rob (Dreamchaser)
Greg (my b!tch)
Dana (roach_clip)

Gred and Dana arent members on this site, thats just what I call them.

Go Eastern Eagles!!!


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No way will I let you in on my super secret rub, all I have to say is Rub Rub Rub Rub and rub it until the protein in the meat begins to soften!