What 15' 8wt Rod


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I'd be totally conflicted man. Too many awesome options.
Meiser Highlander Classic or S rod, Loomis GLX greaseliner, Z Axis, my head would be spinning.
Deliciously painful choices.


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What line are you wanting to use. IMO, a 15 ft rod is a bit of a burden, even on the Clearwater. A 13'7 is my long CW rod and I cover all the water I need to reach with a delta.
I use the Meiser 15' 7/8/9-5 as my primary Clearwater rod and love it. In higher water and really tight quarters I will switch to a shorter Meiser. The rod works well on the Snake..
I guess it depends on what "feel" you like in a rod, and how much you want to spend...

A few rods I have fished and enjoyed, comparisons are based on fishing the Delta Long 8/9:

Deer Creek 15' 8/9- Fast progressive action that will throw lazer beams out there at an affordable price. Somewhat demanding.
Echo Dec Hogan 15' 8/9- softer, fuller flexing action, still has a ton of power on tap but more forgiving than the TFO.
Sage 8150- one of my favorite rods. A moderate, full flexing progressive action that will cast nicely off the tip with a short line, but handles a full 65 feet with ease. Sadly long out of production, however...
Loomis Greased Liner 7/8- has a strikingly similar feel to the aforementioned Sage. Maybe a hair crisper.
CND Solstice 15' 2" 7/8/9- One of the finest rods ever made. A crisper rod than the Sage that recovers faster, and has more reserve power, but retains the feel and smoothness of the Sage.

I have a Meiser Highlander 15' 6/7/8 due any day, but I haven't fished one enough to make any comparisons.

For me and my style of fishing, the Deer Creek is the best bang for the buck. The CND is simply the best I've fished with to date. That may change shortly. Truthfully, they are all great rods. You are going to have to cast some with different lines and decide what YOU like. The Clearwater spey clave is coming up, you might want to try and make it as it's a great place to check out a lot of tackle in a short period of time.


I have a Sage 8150. If you want to pay shipping I'll send it to you. Use it and if you like it we could negotiate a purchase. If you don't like it send it back. I won't be using it this fall. Included would be a Rio mid-spey with tips. Great rod, just not using it these days.

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Cast both the 15'2" solstice and 15' Highlander. Loved 'em both, but the CND seems a bit more progressive and friendly with the long bellys..


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15ft MKS with a nextcast FF70 in 8/9wt or a nextcast winter authority in a 9/10wt with tips.

That stick is a hybrid- not quite as cork bending as most of the MKS series of Bob's rods.

Really smooooooth.

Been fishing with the new Meiser 15' 6/7/8 a bit. A very crisp progressive action with an unbelievable amount of reserve power in the bottom end. Sexy Smooth!!! Will not load as deep as the CND or the Sage, so doesn't give quite the level of instant feedback, thus needs a better sense of timing. Shares some genetic heritage with the Deer Creek (as you might expect,) but is far more refined. Not prepared to say it's a better rod than the CND, simply a different school of design. By far the lightest damn fifteen footer I've ever fished. Diggin' it big time!
Delta Long 8/9. I admit I was a little skeptical when Bob said this rod would handle it, but wasn't prepared to argue with the boss. So yeah, Mr. Meiz was totally correct. I am really curious to see how she'll handle something like an XLT 6 weight. Despite the soft and responsive feel to the tip, I am confident that she has the power to lift that kind of line. There obviously has been a ton of thought and design work that went into this rod. It is arguably the most balanced rod I've fished with, in terms of power and delicacy. It's been a lot of years since a rod made me giggle out loud while fishing. Just giddy as hell right now...