, CabelaRSL 8-26-11

Got to spend a glorious day on the water on Fri. The weather could not have been nicer. Fished from 11:30-8:30 with a nice long break in the middle for a BBQ and a swim. Took some time to find the fish but once I did the catch rate was pretty good. I was playing a little dink when I saw a much larger fish emerge from the depths attack the little guy I was playing. Time to switch to a baitfish pattern. After that it was game on. Only 1 fish in the net before 4:00 and 7 more after with tons of action. Definitely picked up late as was expected. Most were in the 14"-15" range with only 1 little guy in tjhe net, although the last fish I hooked was probably pushing 20". LDR at my feet. There always has to be "the one that got away".

Also got to christen my new fly rod Cabelas LSI. Broke the tip off my LST on my last trip (with some help from my 6yo son). Would have preferred another LST because it's more sensative than the LSI but the LST has been discontinued. Cest la vie. I like the casting action on the LSI though, it really shoots out line well.

Now just counting down the days to my backpacking trip in three weeks...

Great report Tony. Where are you headed for backpacking? I have been getting the backpacking itch but may not have enough time with bird season opening and fall fishing just around the corner.