Swap Winter Steel Swap


nymphing beads with a spey pole.
Anybody know of a good source for a saddle or neck that all the hair dressers haven't gotten to yet? This meaning a reasonable rate.... I just got on my fav auction site where 6 months ago I got a bomber saddle of preemo hackles for 25$ now you can't touch a saddle on that same site for less than 300$ some up to 800$. rediculous. If not Im gonna have to substitute ostrich herl... no big deal, I tied a few and gave em a swim in the tub.. .I think they look equally as good in the water just not as good in hand.
Can't really picture your fly LBC, but on some patterns I've substituted barred rubber legs for grizz hackle and ostrich in others and been happy with how they fish. Sucks that stuff is so hard to get I love using it.
Hey guys just seeing how everyone's flies are coming along. I wanna make sure everyone is gonna be ready to submit their flies by the due date. I'd like to see some more pics!
Got the first batch of flies in the mail, thanks LBC they look great! Lovin the white saddles. I got inspired to tie up some white rhea creatures of my own, can't wait to see what everyone else submits. Few more weeks gentlemen. PM me for my address.


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Done. PM me your address. I put my best foot forward and tied one of the only flies that has been successful for me. I am pretty jaded after some of the swaps I've been in when I spent a lot of time and energy and got back a bunch of flies that went straight into the vise so I could salvage the hook and tie something decent on it. This one struck me as a swap that people might actually put some time into.
Mine are done and will be in the mail this week. It looked like there were a lot of people tying big heavy flies so I decided to do the opposite. My pattern is a 'winterized' version of Shewey's Spawning Purple intended for the Columbia tribs or low and clear conditions on the coastal rivers - any time you want something smaller but with plenty of movement and visual pop.

What happens is the wing rides up leaving the Jungle Cock to show very clearly. The wing construction also keeps the fly swimming true. It's a confidence pattern for me but a bit tedious to tie...

Hook - AJ Spey #3
Tip - fine red wire
Body - pink floss over silver tinsel (keeps the floss bright when wet)
Wing (back to front):
1 - cerise marabou
2 - angel hair flash
3 - purple marabou
4 - purple or blue rhea
5 - purple marabou
6 - angel hair flash
7 - purple marabou
8 - cerise rhea
9 - purple marabou
Collar - pink mallard flank
Cheeks - Jungle Cock
Collar - blue rooster breast