Got my Spey Rod! Floating Methow...ingress/egress questions?

Following up on my last thread...I got the Sage 8129. I'm really excited, picked up my Skagit line (550 grain) the reel all set up.

I'm going to take my pontoon boat to the Methow this weekend (its open)...I might bring this rod to throw around though i think its pretty big. Will mostly just use my single hander unless i find a nice spey run. I've fished the Methow a fair amount but I have never floated it.

Does anyone have any recommendations where I should put in and take out for a float? Any warnings on sections that i should NOT float in for safety reasons?

PM if you'd rather not write it on here. Also reading up online...just don't want to float down the wrong section and get into some danger. Thank you