My Dr. told me to buy a Spey rod (true story)


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No crap. Let me start at the beginning. Three weeks ago I blew out my right shoulder, I woke up one morning and my arm was numb and wouldn't move. I couldn't even lift my right arm. I went to a chiropractor that morning with no help. After searching high and low, I found a Dr. that would see me immediately. Two more Dr. appts, an MRI, a huge needle of steroids/cortazone, and some anti-imflammatories(bextra) later, I was doing better. Luckily no surgery is needed, the rehab time is long. I'm now going to physical therapy twice a week.

So yesterday, I had my follow-up exam and the Dr. sees me reading a fly fishing mag. He says, "Ryan, you fly fish???" I said, "well yes, its my thing." Immediately he says you should of told me sooner, and that I have "fishermans shoulder". The Dr. himself was an avid fly fisher, we started talking, him telling me about all the places he gos, rich bastard. He said that the double haul was the cause, and that its just the motion of a double haul that causes this. He said I should use lighter rods(he likes Sage) and to stop throwing line with my 8 weight. He said, "get a spey rod, it'll be a lot less work."

After all the co-pays and the MRI, I'm out nearly a grand. Sure wish I had that money for a new rod. Anyway, I know jack about spey rods, I really do consider myself "the last of the single handers" because all I see anymore are spey rods. Now I must join the fad(only kidding, I'm bitter) and get a rod and some instruction. Life could always be worse.

YT :smokin


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sorry to hear about the physical problem...even worse the mental anguish of having to go to the other side....its sad!!! I will never go to the dark side hahahahah jk spey folks

edit: oh ya...what gear do you have for sale now?? }(

~Patrick ><>

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Sage makes a 5 weight spey rod for trout. Might be right up your alley. Any chance the good doctor will write you a perscription for it and have the insurance company pick up the bill?


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Well Yt,now you can come on down to the river on saturdays and learn how to spey cast with the rest of us's. You get to try out lots of different rods and lines for the different rods that Aaron lets you all try out and practice on. Spey rods that Aaron has range in size from the Bob Meiser's 11'2" 5/6 wt to a CnD 16'er I think. I have never casted the biggest one's so I don't really know what they are like. So come on down as you meetthe nicest folks spey casting.


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Sounds like you have got a good MD. He is right. You must sell all of your single handed stuff, for what ever price you can get on ebay. Any of the contaminated stuff that is left over, you want to stomp into your garden. You'll need to attend the closest Chatholic church you can find and go through a purification ritual. You're lucky that you may be able to keep some of your flies, but if you are not sure, just send them to me for inspection. Now once you get to this point, you'll just have to accept that you once were a single hander and get on with your life. Jim is right, Aaron holds a twelve step program down on the river in Carnation. You may want to look at this as the second part of your purification. A baptism, so to speak, for the sinful life you have lead and over time you may be forgiven. The Steelhead Gods aren't nearly as gracious as the real God. You can do this. You have a large support group of other Spey fisherman that are willing to help. I will do everything I can, if you call me. Remember, you can't single hand if you don't pick up that first 9' rod.

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im one of your "last" single handers, but im young and ignorant, i will never need a dr. for "fishin shoulder" if you really have to ditch all your sinle stuff let me know, im down to about 5 rods, i could use a mid weight (6-7 wt) for summer steelhead? oh well, its good to hear that you did not need surgery, that woulda sucked

Sorry to hear about your injury. I have a similar problem due to arthritis. It was my wife that told me to get a spey rod or two (she's my flyfishing partner). A local shop told me about the newer Redington spey rods. While they aren't Sage rods, they do cast well and the price (@250) is about right for me. The local shop also said they carry a lifetime warranty, since Redington is now part of Sage.

Just food for thought.



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Do you know if your doctor is accepting new patients? This could be great news for all of us that have to 'get approval' from our significant others to buy new rods.

Yep, Aaron in Carnation is your path to Spey salvation, and there are more great 'trout' speys that are becoming available, it's not just for the big boys anymore.
YT, my main man,

Do what Matt says. Go to a Catholic church during mass and douse yourself liberally with holy water and throw yourself down on the center aisle and roll all the way up to the priest; offer him some flies, and he'll take it from there.
He may endorse the idea of a spey. Can you beat a doctor and God as a raison d'etre to buy a spey? I should think not.

Bob, the Yes, it does change the strain.:smokin
Hey Whitey, instead of learning to use a speyrod you should just learn how to cast with the other hand. To do so, simply take two rods, one in each hand, and make your new casting arm follow your old one simultaneously. It will be easy to learn just a regular cast but when it comes to the double haul that is where it gets a little tricky.

Don't sell the short rods just yet. I am an average caster and not real ambidextrous. I had tendonitis in my casting elbow and found you really can learn to cast with your off hand - maybe not well but well enough to say on the water.

Take heart! I switched to a spey rod for salmon and steelhead because of the tendonitis and will never go back. I wouldn't go back even if I could because spey casting is such a hoot.



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Fuller, great idea!! I already can roll cast with the left.

Patty, my rods aren't for sell, I love them to much:* !!!

Bob, thanks for the kind words old friend, glad your wife is doing better.

I have to go to Carnation today for some work stuff, I think I'll poke my head in the Spey shop and say hello. thanks for the responses everyone!!!:thumb