Waterskeeter Fill Adapters??

I lost my light grey Waterskeeter fill adapter, like the one pictured here:


This item appears to be out of stock on the website, and the company itself seems a bit dubious in terms of its current operations.
Am I totally pooched or is there another place that sells these things? Alternatively, is there another way to fill a waterskeeter?

Thanks guys!

-- James
If your valve cap is attached with a plastic lanyard then you need a Summit 1 valve adapter and if the valve cap is attached with a string lanyard then you need a Summit 2 valve adapter. The Summit 1 valve adapter is the one pictured with a grey neoprene o-ring and the Summit 2 is the one pictured with the blue o-ring.

These adapters are for Outcast/Fish Cat boats but it should work and I think your best bet is a Summit 1 adapter. Any Outcast/Fish Cat dealer can get what you need.
Thanks very much for the responses! I just called Outcast and ordered the Summit 1 Valve (grey o-ring, plastic lanyard) and a piece of clear vinyl tubing that is supposed to work on either of the summit valves in case I have chosen poorly. I am always amazed at the level of knowledge in this forum!