Chiwawa River road for grouse...?


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I feel the need to carry a shotgun in the woods without traveling to my place in Oroville this weekend. Any intel in the Chiwawa River road? Anyone seen grouse in that general area?

Now that I think about it, I'll be the place will still be thick with deer hunters...maybe I better head elsewhere...


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Deer season is over. Elk starts this weekend.

Crowds should be at a minimum

I have seen quite a bit of grouse up in the Chiwawa during early archery


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I was mushroom hunting up there all weekend, saw a few Quail, no Grouse. But it was raining pretty good all day Saturday so they may have been laying low. Very few deer hunters, I was surprised, there's ususally a lot of them.


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Ran into a few blues out by swan lake last weekend , all the birds were at a lower elevation than we normaly see them. the fact it was 66 degrees out might have kept them near the creek bottoms