An actual fishing report

Rob Ast

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Went to my favorite T lake with the idea of enjoying the last of the nice weather. What a beautiful afternoon - breeze-less, mid-50s, eagles soaring, racoons chattering, and a fellow I know yapping across the entire lake (no, not Mumbles). The only thing missing from this picture was fish - at least for the first 2 hours. As the sun started heading low I had a mighty tug and proceeded to land the biggest fish I have taken from this particular body of water. 24" and fat. Too bad my camera was in the truck. Also too bad was the way the fish fought like an old boot. None-the-less, 24" is nothing to sneeze at. After that I picked up a nice 6" small-mouth (on the same streamer - almost as big as the fish), followed by a 12" trout (fought better than the 24"er), and a beautiful bright 19" fish that made a nice showing of itself. I'd call that a day well spent.

Ed Call

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Great getting that phone call today. Glad it was not me yapping across the whole lake. I know that guy that was the chatterbox, he's non-stop. 24" and fat you say. I say that is pretty good! Congrats.
Rob nice work! Congrats on hitting the big one. Always nice to land the ones that count. Well timed report as I'm about to jump in myself here...good way to start off a day on the water. Thanks!

Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
Very nice, Rob! I went lake fishing yesterday, too. "N" lake near the headwaters of the E Sop. I had a late start, and didn't get out on the lake and start fishing until 4pm. Was sunny and dead calm. Lake was a sheet of glass. A few risers here and there, but not many. I was back at the launch at 5pm. My plan was to troll a streamer rapidly to the far side, and then anchor at my favorite spot and cast. Didn't have time to anchor, as the sun was already dropping below the trees, and I forgot to bring along any lighting. C&R'd one 9" planter (perhaps the smallest trout I have ever landed in this lake), lost a nicer, heavier one that I never got to see, and missed a couple of good grabs, all trolling. Had a nice paddle, though! Good to get out on the water!