Windy Lenice reoprt


~El Pescador
the forecast said for wind and they were not kidding. Blowing hard when we arrived yesterday morning. Debated our options and actually got in our cars to go to Rocky Ford and then turned around. Rigged up and on the water by 11:00. All in all we were able to fish all day and only took one break when the white caps came back about 2:00. If you go to the eastside of the lake, you will catch a lot of fish. They are only 10 inches long, but hit hard and fell for a bugger every time. Worked other parts of the lake and I ended up at the outlet end. Fishing open water (5-6 feet deep) stripping buggers got me bigger fish (16"-18") - not a ton, but enough to say I had a good day. Got a couple on a hares ear, but the bugger (D. R. seal bugger) was the ticket. Blue skies and constant wind and no one else on the water equals a good day for me.
The season is wrapping up and I think I may be done with Lenice until next year. I see Rocky Ford and Lone lake on my radar to get me thru the winter (not much of a river guy)


Scott Salzer

previously micro brew

Glad you were able to get on the water. That outlet end can be fun.

I'd like to make one last trip over there.

Thanks for the report.

I fished it last Thursday (the 10th), and can certainly attest to prodigious number of small fish on the east side. It was hard to keep them off your line. Did manage one decent one on that side of the lake, but those little fish were just so aggressive....

No wind that day - in fact, I've never seen a basin lake that calm for an entire day. Full moon, and the moonrise at around 4:30 was absolutely spectacular. Worked around the west side to the takeout after dark, casting into shore and stripping back. Small, black and sparkley worked the best, but maybe that's because it's what I spent the bulk of my time fishing. Or maybe I spent most of the time fishing it because it was working. I'll never be sure...

Picked up 5 in the 18" range after dark, as did my friend. Lost a few and missed a few, and the grass on the banks ate their fair share of our flies as well. Finally pulled out of there about 6:30 when it just got too damned cold. The thermometer on my truck said it was 24 degrees when we finally left. My toes were telling me it was substantially colder.

What a beautiful day.