Protest of Wild Steelhead at Pike Place Market

I have read on other sites that they are trying to put together a protest at Pike Place Market in front of any place that is selling Washington Wild Steelhead. I believe that this is a reaction the WDFW moratorium on the release of all native steelhead. Has anyone heard anything about this and what are your thoughts. This is my first season fishing for steelhead and I am hooked. So I would hate to see these beautiful fish vanish.


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I have seen that on the other boards too, but so far I dont think anyone has actually organized it. Great idea though. Call the news stations, they love that stuff.


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I think this is a great idea. I am at school now, out of seattle, otherwise i would go. It would be great to have flyers as well to educate people. It could say things about how few steelhead are left, and how there is no need to have wild ones as opposed to hatchery fish because they taste the same. Anyway, good luck.

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The idea started on Bob's site by Dave Vedder. It might happen. You'll know if it dose because it will be anounced on every site and some magazines (STS and possible F&H News). This protest would be protesting against the sale of net caught wild steelhead since we, the sport fishermen, have given up our right to keep these fish to help the fish and the netters , tribal and comercial, should too.
Can't say enough about such an idea. A protest would bring media and media brings votes. Eating a wild steelhead should be regarded as the same thing as wearing a mink fur coat.
I will come off the Peninsula to participate. I would like to see this site participate and have a good time as well.
Any takers?
Bob, the Man, to strike a blow against Native netting in about the only way you can would be awesome.:beer2
Hey sounds like this board could be put to some real use. It would probably be in the interest of all to make a point in partaking in protest; I have a friend at NWCN that I could call if need be. Big questions though, do we need a permit to protest and what would be the right size crowd to shoot for to put our point across. I’m in and willing to do what is need to protect the species, and I think that anyone who fly fishes should make their presence know. Could be a great opportunity to get this site and its members recognized as somewhat of a weight in the way in which rivers and species are treated around here. Hell if anything it will make a sheer distinction between the redneck junk plunkers that don’t give a rat’s ass, and us fly anglers. Don’t sit around and wait the word of the shepherd or some other forum to give the cue, I’ll help in what ever way I can.
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I would be happy to support such an effort. I have never considered myself a tree hugger but some things catch my attention and piss me off and this is one that's been bugging me for years. If something is organized, count me in.

Dave Vedder came up with the idea, as a trial balloon, probably, shortly after the moratorium was announced by WDFW and it did appear on Piscatorial Pursuits. It was indeed to protest the selling (and purchasing) of wild steelhead at Pike Place Market. As I recall, Dave determined that he couldn't be the person to lead such a parade but would be there if it happened. That thread did hava a lot of steam for a while. Haven't hear anything about it of late though.

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"Eating a wild steelhead should be regarded as the same thing as wearing a mink fur coat."

Not so sure about that one... Are mink a threatened species? Aren't most mink fur coats made from farm raised animals (like most hatchery steelhead - intended for consumption). I guess I don't see the link in your ananology (unless you happen to be a member of PETA and don't like any kind of hunting, animal farming, and sport fishing...). But I digress...

I love the idea of a Pike Place protest. Does anyone know what tribe supplies the fish and what river they come from?
There is no reason that the protest should be limited to an organized event or that it should be limited to Steelhead.

In the olden days before the Fish and Game were put under one roof the Steelhead were classified as a game fish and Salmon as a food fish. You could not sell game, including elk and deer, but you could sell food fish. We took a giant step back when we put the two departments together. This meant that steelhead were moved from the protection of Game status to a food fish. The next year (a decade or so ago) I was in San Francisco and our steelhead were on the menu in a China Town restaurant. Unbelievable!!!

Extend your protest to all wild fish (including the Copper River Salmon) and do it year around. Ask everytime you see Steelhead or Salmon if they are wild or farm raised. Ask even if you are planning on eating a hamburger. If the waiter doesn't know, ask him or her to ask the chef. Should you see these fish in a market, ask the butcher. When they tell you that is is wild let them know that you think it is terrable that they are contributing to an enviromental holocaust You can do this year in and year out. It doesn't take too many to have an impact on the buying habits of resaurants and markets.

As much as fish farming is out of fashion these days they are the single reason that Salmon and Steelhead are not yet extinct in our waters. There are maybe 1% of our historic fish runs left. At these levels it is insane to have a commercial fishery for these wild fish.

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you're correct, it's a stupid analogy. first off, there's nothing wrong with wearing fur unless you're a hairbrained PETAphile. second, it's a bad precedent to state that eating wild fish is "wrong". it's imo stupid and counterproductive to leave the conservation argument and leap to the moral arguments when it comes to fisheries management. when that happens, sportfishermen lose out and the animal rights wackos win.

guess i'll have to secretly launch my boat soon so no one will see me go out to kill a couple "wild" rockfish for dinner. god forbid may 11th, when "wild" halibut season starts.... or june 27th, when one can kill "wild" chinook. my god, my poor taste buds... the succulent horror <G>


I have to admit I got a chuckle out of "PETAphile", but come on, tell us how you really feel about animal rights advocates?

You do raise an interesting question about it being "stupid and counterproductive to leave the conservation argument and leap to the moral arguments when it comes to fisheries management." Do you simply look at the environment from a resource standpoint? Economics or personal recreation aside, doesn't the beauty, harmony, and shear existence of nature require us to do the RIGHT (or moral) thing and protect it? When it comes to conservation and moraliy, I think you've struck a gray area. Or do you only see the world in black and white?


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Under no certain circumstances should we extend our protest to all wild fish. While I completely agree with your first two paragraphs, you lost me with the next two. Many wild runs are in jeopardy, and these,I will not eat, and would be happy to protest, however, NEVER will I buy farmed salmon.

Farmed salmon do much harm to our wild fish. If you want fish, the PEW Commission came out with a report and a guide detailing which stocks are healthy enough to eat. Alaskan wild salmon in general are healthy enough to support harvest. As for your 1% number, while some stocks are definately this depleted (see Snake River Sockeye), most are nowhere close to this bad off. Before you get on your soapbox and "educate other anglers" get your facts straight. Remember, we are all fighting for the same thing, and we should all know as much of the truth as we can. I hope I haven't been too harsh, that is not my intention.

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I can't speak for ffneahbay, but I do think we need to be very careful who we align ourselves with. Many of us seem to think that because we are nature loving, C&R practicing, responsible fly fisherman, that groups like PETA and other serious tree hugging groups will embrace us as part of their own. This is dangerous because fly fishing, C&R or not, is an enemy of theirs. We are "harassing" animals and tromping on "sensitive" wild life habit by the very nature of our sport.

The idea that we try to start making a moral issue out of C&R and\or C&K fishing is a slippery slope that would seem to lead to a ban on all sport fishing.

Instead of making a moral issue out of it, to me it seems to make more sense to focus on the science of it. It is more of a resource management approach, based on studies, logic, with room for harvest, sport C&K, Sport C&R, and even closing down specific fisheries completely - in as smart and fact based management approach as we can. Or course we all see the holes in that approach as far as the political and poor management history of WDFW and the state. But that is where we need to take the battle.

I support protesting the wild steelhead sold at PPM, not because it is evil to kill wild steelhead, but because it is a precious resource that currently (and perhaps always) needs some protection.


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Help me understand what you propose to protest...bear with me.

Does the WDFW moratorium on steelhead extend to Native Americans also? If not, why not?

So are we protesting the WDFW, Native Americans, or the simple consumption of legally obtained steelhead.

I just want to be sure of what to have painted on my naked body as I'm standing in PPM. Dixie Chicks, eat your hearts out!!!


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