Pac Bay Quickline blanks

I couldn't take it anymore as affordable as these blanks are. I ordered the 7 weight switch rod blanks and received them today. I thought I would put all PacBay components on it just to stay consistent. It feels pretty good in hand so I will be interested to see how it feels on the water compared to my St. Criox and Batson Swtich rods.
Rod done . . . well other than one guide. I seemed to have ordered one too few, so I have one that doesn't match in color and size wrapped on temporarily. Just took it out in the yard and it feels good overhead casting a couple times. I will take it out and see how it is on the water this weekend.
Here are some pictures. For those interested in seeing what the quality of PacBays new switch rod handle looks like, there is a picture of it. Cork is OK, not great, but the price reflects that. Again the blank is the Quickline 11' 7 weight switch. The two stripper guides are pacbay black FX guides, the rest of the guides are pacbay black chrome single foot guides. The guides were good quality with a consistently tapered foot. The reel seat is a pacbay CL8. My reel sits in the channel good and I like the reel seat better than many others I have used. I kept everything pretty simple, only trim wraps are at the butt sections and on each side of the decal.