repair needed, any wrappers for hire?


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have a TFO i broke the tip on, also has cracked snake guide needs re-wrapped. have shortened the tip to turn a 9' 5wt into a better 8'9 6wt. needs three wraps of thread (one at tip, two on snake guide, and flex coat) i figure someone out there is all set up, and would be much cheaper than to send it to TFO. needs a forest greenish thread, i have replacement snake guide. anyone interested, pm me a quote. thanks, mike
You should try wrapping the guides on yourself Mike. It's really not that hard at all, in fact it's a pretty simple process. There are clips on Youtube, internet articles that will show you what to do. If you have a old rod or even a piece of wood dowel you can do a practice wrap first. Even if you totally screw up (which I don't think you will) you can hit it with a hair dryer to remove it to try again. You might find you like wrapping enough to build a custom rod for yourself and save some bucks.


Rob Ast

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While I enjoy wrapping my own I will say that a return/swap with TFO is a simple process. Just give them a call, send the rod with $25, and you'll get a brand new section (or maybe a whole new rod) in 1-2 weeks. It would take you longer to send it to someone from the board, have them wrap it, and return it.