"Olive" Series

My holiday book report: I know I'm coming to the table a little late here but my nephew (now fishing buddy) is finally old enough to comprehend Olive. He learned to fish for the first time this year and is hooked big time. So finally I had reason to check out Olive and, as many already know, our resident writer and artist outdid himself on these. Well done Itchy Dog, the stories and artwork are really cool. I remember hearing good things from all the early rumblings but didn't expect them to be THIS good. Anyhow, highly recommend for kids hitting the reading/comprehending stage.

I grabbed all three books, the green one, the blue one and the brown one, and like them equally. Look forward to passing them on at Christmas but until then they're mine to enjoy.

-Tim L


Fish or Ski...Fish or ski....fish!
Thanks for the tip Ford! I've been trying to come up with everything I can to help my kids get into fly fishing, which probably won't take much, but I did just order the first 2!

Rick Todd

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I have all three at my house and when the grandkids (both 5+) come over, it is what they request to read! Then we go to the tying room and they create "Gilbert the Gold Ribbed Hairs Ear" or some other favorite with "Opa's" help-very cool stuff! Rick