Bikini baristas spotted at Dry Falls...


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Now that I have the guy's attention, here's my Dry Falls report.

For three lovely warm spring days we plied the waters in search of the elusive Dry Falls trout. They come in three basic flavors, Rainbow, Brown, and Tiger. Yours truly caught two of the above. Not much for all that fishing but it made them more memorable. The first was a nice 16/18 inch Brown on a green chironomid that had a second red dropper attached. Taken in about 15 feet of water, beautiful deep colors and spots.
Numero dos, a fat and sassy Rainbow taken on, of all things, a parachete Adams, size 14. Whooda thunk it? But they were slurping rather loudly against that shear rock wall on the north side of the lake in the shade and I decided "what the .....k". Anyhoo, I nailed his ass and reeled him in with Old Man cussing and bitching off to my left.
Each fish seems clearly imprinted in my memory, not an easy thing these days. Fewer fish caught seems to allow savoring each one a little more. Next time to hell with memories, I want sore arms from hauling in lots of hogs.

Some quick awards to bestow on those there...

Most ardent fisher...Backyard
Most succesful fisher...Backyard (duh)
Best Pot Luck Cook...Bart (deep fried catfish)
Loudest snoring camper...Ron
Cutest fisher...Jessica
Most daring vehicle...Mulligan (red Integra)
Most mellow fisher...Bhudda
Newest member...Damselmedic (welcome)
Most often requested missing member...Bob Lawless
Latest arriver...Sparse
Most obnoxious anyone even wondering?
Most unique firewood...Gareth (is she talking to you yet?)


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I haven't clicked on another subject line that fast yet!
I have so isolated myself and need to break out and HEAD EAST! What with the inlaws in Yakima and the Cousins in Spokane and the Uncle and Aunt in North Idaho (Bonners) I realy gotta go!
So thanks for the report I will posting my own soon I hope!

darrin ><>

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Well, sorry I missed it. I was somewhat close by, but didn't make it. Anyway, Roper, when is the Highland fling, I'm all over that like white on rice. I will be taking off a couple days too, lots of lakes I need to visit up there. YT



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What a great weekend. Tightlines, Flydreamin and I stopped by Rocky Ford on the way out there... dont tell anyone, but we heard there are big fish there;-)
I quickly fell in a sinkhole without my waders then dropped my camera in the creek. So muddy and wet and without any proof, we all caught 2 fish each in about an hour. Nice big RF fish, fought like my wet shoes would have.
I want to dispute the most productive fisher award, Tightlines and his olive bugger slayed fish all day, both days. Its hard to be happy for the guy when I was using the same bugger and only hooked 2 fish on it, while he hooked dozens of them.
Losing fish at night was the best. Total fish hooked, played and lost on my big night pattern: 14. Total fish landed all weekend: 8
Smallest fish - 17 inches.
Reverse those numbers and that would have made my weekend even better.
It was really great to meet all of you finally. Lets do it again sometime.

Sweet weekend!
I'm kinda diggin the lake thing;)
Weather was perfect, fishing was great... the only thing that sucked about the whole weekend was the lack of sleep. To bed @ 3a both evenings makes for a LONG spooky ride home Sunday. Thank god for those grooved highways. Saturday night was good to go... much more mellow than the OP, but was just what the Doc ordered... especially when Team Taco (aka Tyler & Brenden) showed with their traveling comedy show. Good times around the fire.

A couple added awards:
Best handlined 18" Tiger: Backyard (dude that was tits)
Shortest appearance: Sak
Entertainment Award: Team Taco... er Los Banditos... Or Dos Chimichangas
Broken Camera award: Andy
Best Pesto: Bhudda
Coolest Cat award: Roper
Firestarter Award: Specieshunter (again)
Drunk of the weekend: Old Man (or was that just him?)
Team Award: Leaky and his wife (both pulled hawgs) pics to come on Thursday. I'll fish with any of you fellas, anytime. Good meeting the ones I hadn't met!




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Backyard handlining that tiger was the coolest thing I saw all weekend, actually it was one of the coolest things I have ever seen fishing.
Roper you have my full attention especially since I saw them...WOW can they make'em!!!!! AHHHHHH...those bikini baristas were the best!!! So was the experience on my first outing. I had a blast meeting a lot of people that I have wanted to meet for quite some time. Finally putting faces to internet names. I probably spent most of my fishing time near Backyard, Roper, Tightlines and Andy and his crew. Arrived to camp on Friday feeling a little awkward having not met anyone but the following people helped ease the nerves as I met Bhudda, Backyard, Bart, Oldman, Hikepat and Ron. Than onto the lake where fishing with Backyard and Roper was a good time.

Saturday I think I met those baristas again at the launch and it gave me some good karma for a decent day on the water. Than meeting Sparse and Aplinetrout that night and staying up til 3am around the fire. I mostly listened because these guys have some funny stuff and are very interesting to listen to. They can attest to that as I said very little. Well I have some awards of my own there Sir Roper:

Best fish retrieve...(Tie) Backyard and Tightlines
Most curse words...Oldman
Most Organized camper...Roper
Most interesting to listen to...(tie) Sparse and Alpinetrout
Earliest to bed...Roper and Oldman (I think for different reasons) and to clarify not together at least I think.....}(
Best drag setting....dude(non WFF) in corner of bay with his drag set all the way.
Funniest quote...I don’t like to talk on the lake because there are a thousand ears out here
Best Big Fish Stocker...Backyard
Most daring act on water...Andy standing on his pontoon boat
Best new fishing word...Taco'd......thanks Brian

With all that said and done I had a good time on the water watching Backyard with his stocking on huge trout, night fishing with Chris, Roper with giving me the HARD TIME EYE for the NEW GUY routine…(jk Roper), Oldman talking to himself, but I am a guy of few words (more reserved if you will) until I totally fit in with a crowd or group of new people. I can say after meeting everyone I can now emerge from my shell like a Dry Falls snail and if you read Sparse new article you know they don't move too fast.

I’d fish with anybody, anytime, anywhere. Thanks for the experience and will look forward to the next trip.Until next time
:smokin :thumb :beer2


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Hey, I am just NOT a lake angler, plain and simple. Much love to those that stand on pontoon boats, kick around with fins late at night and inch by inch line twitches. I will take my award with pride! Perhaps a "River Fling" is in order, but that is another post, another day. I had "other" fish to fry and let me tell you what, at midnight I was NOT kicking around a lake doing a slow twitch.....okay I was doing a slow twitch, just not in Dry Falls! Just glad I got outta there before Sparse showed up! Glad ya'll had a good time and Old Man, you still crack me up!



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>Earliest to bed...Roper and Oldman Jim (I think for
>different reasons)

Just to make it perfectly clear, DIFFERENT BEDS! :eek

Jarrod, glad to have met and fished with you. Hope to see you at the Highland Fling.


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What a gorgeous weekend!
We got over before noon on friday and set up our camp. :smokin Got to the lake and put in about 1. Nice to meet Irafly and his wife and lab as we wedged into a parking spot;)

The wind was non existant as we paddled around, draggin' buggers, watching a couple landed on chronies. When we got over to the north point where the sheer cliffs drop right into the water, things started looking up for us, landing 7 between us. All nice, strong Rainbows from 16 to 20inches

Hooked up with tightline, flydreamin', and Andy a bit later and enjoyed a cool beverage together.
Beth and I quit around 7;30 or so just in time to meet backyard just coming out for his nighttime slayfest. It was nice to meet Roper at the launch as he prepared for his evening asault.
It was a great day.

Saturday was an even warmer day and our first thought was to maybe go try Lenore......WRONG......After looking at the mob in the north end I lost my taste for that. Headed back to DryFalls for the noon bite. Ran into Bart at the camp (hows your ankle?) and also ran over a marker post for good measure.
Started fishing and darn near bumped into buddah and roper. Heard Jim but never saw him. It was awhile till I got into em but my partner was hittin' em pretty hard. Watched tightline and backyard just beating them up in the shallows. We cruised back over to the cliffs and found Hikepat snoozing in the shade.
Just another absolutely beautiful day. Nice and warm. No wind. We fished till about seven and headed in. I think Beth ended up with 5 or 6 and me with 4 again. Not fast and furious by any stretch, but damn nice fish
Got to meet Jessica and a few others for the first time in camp that night...Who was the guy with the chair?.... He was hillarious....Anyway we both had a great time and enjoyed meeting everyone we hadn't met yet......
pictures soon