Forks fights to keep killing wild steelhead

I just found this out today. I have cancelled my trip to Forks this weekend. They don't want my kind out there. The Chamber of Commerce lied to me when they told me they weren't going to fight it. Not sitting to well with me right now.


Late Friday, the City of Forks’ petition, requesting that WAC 232-12-619 be amended to allow for the retention of wild steelhead, was filed with the Director of the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife and also the Fish and Wildlife Commission.
The petition was filed by the City of Forks, Mayor Nedra Reed and Dan Leinan as petitioners and had the support of the Forks Chamber of Commerce, the King County Sports Council and the Cowlitz Plan for Restoration-Fish. Other individuals who supported the petition include John Kelly, Bob Reid, Prof. Steve Mathews (Ret.) and Ruby Swagerty.

The petition was filed under the Washington Administrative Procedures Act. It requests the department and the commission to consider amending the sports fishing rules for 2004-05, as well as any rule associated with the 2005-06 rule period, to reverse the recently adopted moratorium on the retention of wild steelhead. The moratorium was adopted on 6 Feb 2004 as part of the Wildlife Commission’s revision to the state’s sport fishing rules. Those rules were published in the state register on 7 April 2004 and will take effect on 1 May 2004. The winter wild steelhead season ends in late April for the rivers in and about Forks.
We informed the commission and the department that if the moratorium was not rescinded that we would utilize the means available to us to have it rescinded, noted Mayor Reed. We met with members of the department and the commission in early March, and while the start date of the moratorium was modified, the moratorium itself was not repealed. As a result, we have filed a petition asking that the harvest rules for wild steelhead be amended to read as they did in 2003-2004. We have six months before the start of the next winter wild steelhead season – so now is the time to truly assess the issue of wild steelhead management on the Olympic Peninsula.
Our petition addresses the issue of whether or not it can be demonstrated that the adopted rule was substantially different from that which was proposed in the written notice, continued Reed. I believe that we clearly demonstrated that difference in the petition we submitted on Friday.
Under the Washington Administrative Procedures Act, the commission has sixty days to respond to the city’s petition. As to next steps, we must wait for a determination of the department and/or the commission as to whether or not the proposal we put forward will be subject to rule making, Reed said. If our petition is denied, we may end up in the court room. My hope, however, is that the commission and the department will decide to open the issue of wild steelhead retention to a thorough public rule making process. We now just have to wait and see


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So here's the plan for anyone who wants to risk life and limb in the name of wild steelhead.

Los Bandidos Yanquis is going to roll into Forks A-Team style and take out "the opposition". Think lots of explosions, some cars left ablaze in the streets, and general shock and bewilderment. The name of the game is regime change. Mayor Reed is an evil dictator and must be disposed of. Once rid of this menace, the citizenry of Forks will be free to elect a fish-friendly mayor who is capable of looking beyond his or her personal stereotypes of the "urban elitists" who visit Forks to fish.

Who's comin' with me???
I'm WAY DOWN!... ha
I do have full camo for anyone who needs a set.. just missing the bush hats. Knock of the mayor and taco some rods all in the same weekend!

Keep fighting the good fight, but remember... you can still fish the systems without giving a THING back to the city of forks. Don't stop for gas, food, flies, bourbon, NOTHING! Kick em in the nuts, and still do your thing.



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I'm with's people like Mayor Reed, who, through a lack of education, lack of forward thinking, lack of sympathy for the environmental cause, or simply the inability to look unbiased at the facts, are continuing to pillage and rape our mother nature. I am so mad right now I am having very hard time not calling her and others all the things i want to. Sometimes I just can't believe the things people do. Sorry guys, i need to take a few deep breaths.
:reallymad :reallymad :reallymad :reallymad


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Listen up: cool down guys, this will get us nowhere!! If all you guys really want to do something, join the group that I did, The WSC. Thats Wild Steelhead Coalition. Those guys have been fighting since day one on this. The fact that we ever have a moritorium in place come May 1 is do to the hard work of these guys. Gearfishermen and flyfishermen united. They have worked so damn hard on this and they won't give up, and either should we. Never give up. It's not over yet.
I kind of agree with Whitey on this. It's better to join organizations that have been fighting the fight for awhile. I know you're not seriously planning on declaring military war on Forks (or are you?). Also just a thought, I'm not siding with anyone on this, just something to think about. The more we boycott Forks, the more we support their cause for complaint. Now they have actual facts that business has declined X% since the wild steelhead ban. Just a different perspective...



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OK, let the Forks City Council fight it. That's what the system is all about. I'm not sure I'm behind the blanket reg approach anyway; I believe we should look at individual river systems for harvest/sport/tribe. WSC, and all of us, have things to learn from this case.

That aside, if Forks looses this, its done. As it is, its done. The entire history of Forks has been defined by state and federal "welfare" both direct, and indirect in the form of commercial logging and fishing, on public land. While Forks decides to go Fallujah on the "city folk ruining their life" the true public spirit and sportsman's hearts should win the day. Without support of tax dollars from Pugetopolis and the Feds, without our concern and spending, the Forks economy would last... two weeks? Of course with the poaching of our public lands and waters they might eat for a couple years. Forks needs outsiders to help them along, such is their history. Maybe we can help them build some business on steelhead fishing going forward. Lord knows they need all the help they can get, and I'll throw in my dollars direct (without grudge for my tax dollars they already disproportionately take), by visiting and fishing. If it happens the rivers go bad, you can bet I'll put my energy into shutting them right down, all down, all the time, and let the welfare locals get what they want- more welfare, and less city folk.


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I've said it once and I'll say it again. Write your representatives and tell them that you don't want to see any changes to the proposed moratorium on wild steelhead retention. If enough of us drop letters, phone calls, or emails on them they must respond in some fashion or risk losing their positions when running for re-election. Swaying their opinions and getting them involved and in communication with WDFW and the courts, if it comes to that, can go a long way towards keeping the moratorium in place. Do I know for sure that C&R for two years will have any long term impact on the future of wild steelhead in our rivers? No! But I do know that eating them will. Contact your representatives and let them know how you feel.

Mayor Reed and her entourage in Forks have every right to petition to have the moratorium overturned. This is how the system works. While it can be discouraging to witness such short-sighted thinking on the part of the good mayor, it was not entirely unexpected.
The Wild Steelhead Coalition is monitoring the process. If, however, during any period of testimony, written or personal, it will behoove everyone in favor of the moratorium to come to the forefront. Just rapping on this bulletin board will not carry any weight with the F&W Commission, WDFW, or anyone else.
Be prepared. Start working out your carpools right now.
Good Fishing,
Les Johnson
Les is absolutey right about how the due process works. There are some issues that need to be cleared up and so the courts will settle them and in the long run should be to the advantage of the steelhead.
Let the process work and don't play into the hands of Mayor Reed by getting radical. They have an opinion and a right to express it and fight for it, even though it is a narrow minded point of view.



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I love it when a plan comes together, Roper!!

Finally someone realized that my post was intended to be funny and not some crazy radical Washington Militia style scheme. At least there are a few people still out there with a sense of humor.


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AT, Just so you know, your post was the funniest thing I read yesterday. It wasn't till I stopped laughing, that I got serious, because this a serious issue and we need your help. In fact, the words you used, and the delivery if you will, sounded just like Bush. And I know how much you love Bush right??;) I read it again, Its still funny as hell. El banditos yanquis could pull it off.......}(