After Christmas Sale

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Some sh!t I am getting rid of.

14' 2 man pontoon boat w/ trailer. Skookum Tubes, stored inside and inflated, rof holders, cargo deck on back, anchor. No Oars 1600.00 I have had this 2 or 3 years and don't use it.

16 x 54 Willie Fly Fishing Special. Carlisle Oars, with Cataract floating blades. Front and back flat floors, plumbed for heater under floor, heater, rod holders, sits on Baker trailer. Pic shows dent/scrape. Cosmetic only and serves to add character ............ smile Comes with net, and extra ropes, 30 # anchor. 3200.00

2) Bucks Giant Float Tubes 55.00 ea.

Decent shape, have innertubes and stripping apron with them
Used but not a lot. These are the old round float tubes, not a U-Boat. Heavy Duty well built and all that stuff. Were top of the line when made.

Sage RPL 590 9' 5 wt 2 piece 200.00

Used, broken tip a year ago was replaced by Sage, so good to go. Cork is dirty, but that's what happens when you use it. Was the groundbreaking original fast action rod for trout when made, comes with original aluminum tube and sock.

CND Custom 13' 7/8 Spey Rod w/ 2 tips 200.00

Very little use, no tube (the didn't come with one) nice casting rod and good for Summer fish, light weight and full flex......... fast recovery rod.

CND SpeyTracker 12' 2'' 5-6 wt. Great E Washington Steelhead rod, big trout satreamer rod, or mouser for Ak Rainbows. Like new, Tube and sock original, this rod has been used about 5 times. 300.00

RPLXI 11 wt 9' 3 piece w/ Aluminum tube and sock 200.00

Saltwater built big fish rod with very little usage, only a handful of Tarpon on it, excellent shape. This is the blue blank

RPLXI 10 wt 9' 3 piece
As above without the Tarpon, like new, original tube and sock 200.00

Abel Rod/Tackle bag w/ 2 tubes for 9' 3 piece rods, zippered pouches, and such. Used, but not much and has bulletproof rod tubes, cordura cover. 200.00

Billy Pate Reel

Black reel w 12 wt intermediate line. Some rash, is perfect with little use. Marked 'The Billy Pate Reel' on reel. I have had this for about 13-14 years, and have used it twice. Works perfect, handles the biggest Saltwater fish. 50 # gel spun backing and line put on last year. 350.00

Ross Canyon Big Game 5 w/ spare spool.

Like new, again not used much. Reel has 8 wt nymphing head for indicator fishing, spool has Windcutter for above listed Speytracker. Both lines in very good ++ shape. 300.00

Fenwick FS 85 Fiberglass rod 100.00

Good steelhead plug rod that has a nice action when Tadpollying. Used, cork shows usage but rod is in good shape and ready to sit in a rod holder and for someone to watch the tip wiggle.

PRS CE 24 Bolt On Cherry Red Eletric Guitar w/ OHSC
Fender Princeton Chorus 100 w w/ 2 10'' Speakers
POD Amp Modulator
Assorted cables, strings, Tab Books and stand.

Excellent Condition, great sounding, like new condition for all above

If anyone wants or knows someone who wants a really nice setup, this is it. Like new, sounds great, priced more than fair. Selling all as a package for 1700.00
Not parting this out right now, so it all stays together as one sale please.

Sage 690 VPS 2 piece with Cordura covered PVC Tube and Sock 175.00

Like the RPL in graphite, but a later model.
Used, and cork shows usage but nothing wrong with the stick. Good for heavy trout, nymphing, streamers and good for casting weighted double nymph rigs on the Yak, especially when it's windy.

SA Short Head Spey Line 40.00

Used a few times, I have tips and such (I usually cut this line back and loop it, but this is the full length uncut floater)

Airflo Long Delta 8/9 wt Spey Line 40.00

Used 1 time, has wallet w/ tips
Decent coating on the line, good mid section belly length, similar to a Midspey.

Streamline Pro Neoprene Insulated Bootfoot Waders in the beautiful blue color. Boots are sz 10, waders are hardly used, don't leak, and will date you as a late 80's 'old school' type.................. 75.00

Plueger Medalists

1595 1/2 RC Spool 15.00
1595 1/2 RC w/ ST 850 DWE Wet Cell 20.00
1598 RC w/WF 9 s type 3 line 25.00
1598 spool w/WF 9 line 20.00
1495 w sink tip (Unknown weight line) 20.00
1496 w/ sink tip 20.00
1495 1/2 DA 20.00
1494 1/2 DA 20.00

Vintage Pflueger :
1939 1494 worn finish 25.00

Delta 8'' Drill Press..........tabletop 100.00

Tons of yard and garden tools, mowers, weedeaters, handtools, and parts. Inquire if interested, pics on request for this stuff, too much to list. If you are interested pm me and just ask.

HP 3050 Laserjet All In One Printer/Scanner Copier

Never used, NIB, box opened. Had this for a few years and never hooked it up. Comes with everything, ready to go. 200.00

......more to come..............

I kept the pics to minimum here, but of course pics available of everything on request. Please send PM's with questions.
Local delivery or hand off in greater Seattle/Kingston/Sequim area . I don't feel like shipping, but if I do, you will pick up the shipping costs. Feel free to make offers, but don't be too offended if I reject them.
Where are you located? Interested in the drill press, but only if able to inspect/pick up.
I'll be in Poulsbo/Bremerton on Friday, and would be happy to take the Bainbridge boat and meet you either in the AM on my way over, or PM on my way back.

If you want a pic, let me know and I'll PM one to you first.
9' 6 wt .............. I've had it since new, but can't say when I got it for sure.

Most likely got it on closeout when Sage discontued making them, pretty sure got it at Kaufmanns Bellevue when the were moving them out.
still waiting on PM for your paypal so I can pay you for the the 1939 1494 which is actually 1496.
I have decided against setting up a Paypal account, sorry just do not want to deal with it. If you still want it, I will send you my address and you can send me cost plus shipping w/ money order, cash, or cashiers check.
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