Swap of the stripping kind

mike doughty

Honorary Member
o.k. i'm still in the meaty kind of mood so i propose a streamer swap targeting trout. i'm thinking rivers and streamers should be at least a couple of inches long and no standard woolley buggers. something that says destroy me you gnarly ass trout. it can be single hook, ariculated, stinger hook or whatever. sorry for the noobs but no in experienced tiers please. i am already in 2 other swaps right now so would prefer to keep it around 10 peeps. deadline will be feb 21. most people should know the drill by now but make sure you send a self addressed envelope, either pre paid or send a couple of bucks so i can send them back on your dime. so gimme something big, something troutie and something for the rivers.

-myself - done
-jake - done
-jeff bandy
-ron mcneal - done
-steeli - done
-rob ast - done
-kirk singleton - done
-nailbender - done
-riseform - done
-big e - done

o.k. that makes 10 players so this swap is closed. david.schepers if someone bails out i will see if you are still interested, sorry.
Damn really wanna do a streamer swap but its not really in the cards at the moment. Between working too much and all the tying I need to do for steelhead season I'm crunched for time. Have a good one maybe ill host one this spring.