must have classic reels


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Hey guys. I got the bug about 2 years ago and have become pretty passionate about them. If you were to own 10 classics what would they be? In particular, I'm as interest in utility as I am aesthetics.

shawn k

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My dream reel would be an archuleta reel. His reels have been copied by many reel makers. The other reel I would give my left nut for would be an original hardy cascapedia. My friends dad has one that he inherited from his grandfather he has the reel in a trophy case and it hasn't been fished in 50 years.

Mark Walker

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Any of the early "round eye" Medalists, boxed, in as pristine condition you can find. American classic.

Pics of my Pflueger Medalist 1495 made in Sept. 1937.

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The smaller Hardy St. George, 3 1/4" I think it is; Hardy St. Andrew; a pre-war Perfect in 4 or 4 1/4", not that I'd use it because I don't reel right handed; an early edition Hardy Uniqua; a Bogdan salmon model; and like Mark W., I'd like a round eye Medalist. Oh, and a Von Hoff, just cuz we're talking classics and all.

Not really on the same level as a Perfect, but I really love my CFO VI. Kind of a new age classic. I think if I could pick any 10 reels without price being an issue, a CFO VI would still be on the list. The rest of them would mostly be 1912 checks.

John Hicks

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Pre-war perfect is my dream reel. I can't wait to have mine back from Bill with a modern foot on it.


Damn I like too many..

Waiting on my Olson.

Sara, hardy perfects, bougle mk 1V, Dingley pre war perfect, later dingley perfect, big mother to weight the boo..

Only scratching the surface of so many great classic reels out there...


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I would have to include a 1899 &1900 shakepeare steelhead trout reel to the mix as they are the poormans hardy perfect and american made untill about 1940. after that a J.W. Young landex and their more modern classics the jubilee, the revolution &a sea venture for good measure. those are what I concider affordable reels,now on the high end saracione,hardy bougle mark iv are myall time favorites to fish.
I have Perfect's, Bogdan, Saracione's, Marquis I,II, and III, Farlow's, Dingley's, St' John's, Vom Hofe, Fin Nor, early Bo Molin.

What do I want a larger Bogdan 300/400, 4 1/2 Perfect and maybe one of Williams reels similar to the one you made CP.

I would trade the Vom Hofe 423 2/0 for the right double barrel.