Swap Beady Swap

Who's up for a swap? Looking got 8-12 tiers, all providing their best beadheads for trout outside of the standard fly shop selection...ie no prince nymphs, pheasant tails, or copper Johns not customized. Proven patterns only...who's in?

Standard rules apply, one pattern per involved member, ie 8-12 ties per person.

I'm in and this should be a great swap. Lots of wonderful patterns to choose from that aren't commercially tied.
Let's get some interest going! Spring is just around the corner (big corner!).
Lot's of new tiers on this board that should participate, this is an easy one.

Ed Call

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I"m in if this moves forward. I have a few smalls that I like to use. Some for still and flowing water. Keep me posted if it is a go so I can get all my items together and book some time to sit and tie.
Stoked to see some interest on this one. Sorry about the delay I'm just wrapping up a trip in vegas and will set it up tomorrow and Monday. Since we're on the lower side of participants what do y'all think about doing two flies each? I'm thinking about a Feb 25th due date if that works for everyone and moving water patterns only since I don't fish lakes very often. Of course this is everyone's swap so I'm flexible on that and due dates etc.

Chime on with what works and let's get this going. Should be a fun swap.

Cheers, Sam


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I'm easy. Make the decision, tell the tribe and let's get to it. Two patterns, 16 flies, a few more than a dozen, but certainly not a big whoop. I'll do one pattern #16 and one pattern #14. I'm starting now, well tomorrow.