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Ed Call

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My offerings have proven successful in the local blue ribbon irrigation system. Some as the lead fly on point, some as the backup sweeper.
Sounds good Ed.
I usually pick my patterns out of the bottom of the "free" box at garage sales. I was cleaning out the filter on my shop vac today and found some "stuff" that might make decent dubbing. It actually looks like some of the dubbing I've paid good money for...hmm.

Where's our swapmiester? Update please.
Hey All -

Sorry I've been up steelheading and returned late Saturday night. We're still waiting on one set but that should be here today I'd think. Once we have them all I'll post up pics and send them out.

Alright - All flies are in and photographed. Chris is creating a gallery for me to upload them and I'll ship out this Wednesday.

Thanks for a good swap, you should all be looking forward to these patterns, some cool stuff was wrapped for it by y'all. Special thanks to Ed for his 4 fly per person contribution!

Flies shipped. I made a rookie host mistake and asked for 16 flies for 8 tyers, should have been 14 so I divied up the extras and distributed them randomly.
Good day at the mailbox.Got 2 swaps back today.What a contrast.Beadys and Intruders.I don't think you can get farther apart than that.All look great guys.Over the top Mumbles.

Thanks MA



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Mayfly,THANK YOU for hosting the swap!All the flies look great.Mumbles you must not have a job with all the extra time to tie!Thank you all!

Ed Call

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Got mine today too. Looks like tasty little numbers. Thanks Sam, and Jim. It appears mine came from ID via Deadmonds! Hey, I was sick for about three weeks and missed two trips to the OP because most of my time was on the sofa. I tied up flies in sets of three or four to force myself to move around the house. Each is a simple little fly to tie, but each has found me fish. Thanks Mayfly Aviator, for hosting, and to all who tied!
You guys did a marvelous job of thinking out of the box. These are some real killers and unique designs! It's going to be an interesting spring.