Consolidating posts: Rods/Reels/Raft for sale

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Had two open threads with gear for sale. Am closing them both down and consolidating what is left onto this thread.

All prices OBO. Buyer pays shipping. Paypal preferred.

Sage XP 896-2. 9' 6" 8 wt 2 piece. Used but in good condition. Sock and tube. SOLD

Sage XP 690-4. 9' 6 wt 4 piece. This rod is well loved but plenty of life left. Normal wear on cork and a few small scuffs. There is a crack in the finish at the end of the ferrule on the third section that is purely cosmetic. Sage is well known for taking care of their rods even with second owners. Fantastic rod. Im only selling because I have the same rod in 691 with fighting butt and im trying to raise funds for other toys. One of the finest streamer rods ever made IMO. Comes with factory sock and Scott tube. 200

Echo Classic 9' 8 wt 4 piece. Comes with lined Echo tube. Great inexpensive 8 wt. $55

Custom built "Beach Cannon" built up for me by Tyler Speir. It's a 9' 5 wt rod that was built specifically with SRC in mind. Its a fabulous rod, I just don't use it like I thought I would. Details and pictures of this rod can be found at SOLD!!!!!

Sage VT2 8' 6" 4 wt 4 piece. This.has been my go to trout rod for a couple years. Cork is dark and a few small scuffs. Cordura lined tube included and I believe I still have the warranty card $165

Sage Graphite III 10150-4 Recently purchased through the auction site and I really just don't need it. Great condition. Tube/sock included. $150 Edit- I recently looked at this rod again when I took it out to take pics and realized this rod is damn near brand new condition. Someone must need a big fish/big water rod for a hell of a price. SOLD!!!

Abel Super 5N- Olive green. Purchased through a forum member earlier this year. Great reel, just a bit overkill for my needs. Has original owners name inscribed. Abel reel pouch included. $290

12' Saturn Kayak raft. Purchased through a forum member earlier this summer and used for several trips on local stillwaters. Details on this particular raft can be found at:
The previous owner installed a custom rowing frame into this raft which is not in the web link, obviously. With the frame installed it has a wooden bench seat at the forward and aft end, as well as a small pedestal style rowers seat in the center. It also has oar locks and comes with oars. This is a great raft for lakes. I used it to take my son out several times and we had a blast. This is a very unique craft that has many potentioal uses. It would work great to run milder rivers, parking the raft to get out and fish or one man row while the other sits up front and throws at the banks, cruising around remote lakes, even had some ideas for saltwater use. The pictures don't do this craft justice. I believe it must be seen in person to be appreciated. 275

Pictures provided upon request. Send me an email or a cell number and I'll send them along.

Got my pm issues worked out so pm away.


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Bump with new prices. I can't believe I'm having so much trouble selling these XP's. These are fantastic rods. I have XP's in 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 wts. I wouldn't be selling at all if not for duplicates.

These are amazing rods, and take a look around, these prices are very competitive.
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