Pontoons for the freakishly tall ?


I'm new to this board and see you guys have a lot of knowledge concerning pontoons. I'm 6'4" 240 and am interested in a pontoon for floating rivers up to class 3 rapids. I am concerned about comfort,leg room , my knees, adjustability and the amount of drop on the foot pegs. Can anyone shed a little light on this subject ? what works for a tall guy? Which ones to stay away from? I will probably be buying a used one and am wondering what to look for.

Whats up stumpy. I'm 6'6" with a 40" inseam and I manage to fit in most of the one man frames I've tried. I would say a steelheader with 10'x18" toons should do you just fine. Any smaller and you start getting really wet over class II. My boat is a Creek Co. frame with Maxxum toons.


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A little heavier but all I am going to add is Dave Scadden from North Fork Outdoors has got to be at least that tall and has got some LONG legs. The Outlaw series is state of the art innovation and stable as all get out. And as far as width comfort, then there is Larry Tullis ;-)


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So Jeff-what do you drive anyway? My wife is 6' tall with a 35'' inseam and finding a vehicle that she can be comfortable in is very difficult. Even with my puny 31'' inseam most car seats lack enough thigh support for long drives. Whether you are Jeff Bandy with a 40'' inseam or Tom Cruise with a 24'' inseam, the one-size-fits-all car seat model just isn't working.



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I sold my Skookum Steelheader to a guy the size of Andre the Giant and he seems to like it fine.
He can toss it up on the roof of his SUV with no problem, either. whew.

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I don't know about in Jersey, but out here 6'4" is hardly "freakishly tall". :cool:
I'm 6'3" with a 34" inseam & my wife is 6'1" with a 36" inseam & we both fit well within the adjustments of every 'toon we've ever tried.

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Stumpy lol...:) I may not be freakish but I dont have to look up to many men here in Jersey must be somethin in the water. I ve got a hard time sittin w my legs straight out in front of me or w / my knees up around my elbows thats why Im questioning you guys about comfort and drop . That steelheader does look sharp but may be a bit out of my price range I probably wont be going thru too much class 3 water over here, there are a few rivers I want to explore but I will be using this pretty much as a water taxi.
Thanks for the replies!


6'7" here, I've been using an Outcast PAC 1100HD for the last 7 years in up to class 3 rapids. Not much issue for me, it's not the most comfortable ride in the world, but it's the most comfortable that I've tried.

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6'4" with a 34" inseam. I have a Scadden assault. To get the required oar clearance over my knees I took out the supplied metal foot rest and rigged up some nylon webbing and shackles. Whatever you buy I would recommend sitting in it first to check the clearance, but most boats can be re-rigged in some manner to function comfortably. (By the way, anyone who needs more leg room in a car should check out volkswagens. We have 2 and I do not have the seat tracks all the way back even at my height.)


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We have built pontoon boats for guys much taller than you and have had them shipped to the east coast. One difference between Catchercraft boats and many of the rest mentioned is we do custom work whereas the others, the boats mostly come out of the box all the same.

For example, when making a foot bar, we actually ask the person's height so it can be custom fit. And we have adjustable seats that provide about 6 inches of play in getting the perfect fit. And we have extra high frames to make it easier getting in and out of the seat. And if that isn't enough, we can add higher spacers to lift the seat off the bracket even more. And we have multiple oar tower sockets for the oar locks for those with longer or shorter arms.

You can get a boat made for everyone...or you can get a boat made for you.
BDD that was an excellent sales pitch!!!!! Features, benefits and a tagline. I want a 1salt customized to me. I spent an hour on your site trying to convince myself to purchase.. I just cant justify the expenditure at this time. So either I hook up w/ one of the guys you shipped one to out here whos ready to sell or you'll be my second boat :) .They are really nice!! If you know of anyone ready to sell whos about my size send them my way!