Sea Lions shot on the Nisqually River


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I recently read an article that stated their population was considerably higher than historic levels because the gill nets provide them with easy meals. The solution is simple- get rid of the nets!
Zen, says you've been a member since 08 and have 2 friends so please, tell me how you garner such favor?

I am in total agreement that the sea lion issue is a bad deal and man created and will be man controlled, I just say that we don't go vigilante justice
and have to follow the law because there are too many people that are clueless and don't have the right to do what they see fit.

Legally banning DDT saved the Bald Eagle, Osprey and Peregrine Falcon..example of a great law change
you're too creepy, zen : )
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I am sure we'd get along fine. Maybe.

My point is are we just going to break laws when we want to or are we going to think things out and change them then enact majority rules ?
I don't care if we are talking sea lions, health codes, underage drinking (or overage drinking to some of you out there : )

People will start deciding for themselves if they deserve to kill every native steelhead if they feel they are above the law?
Fly only water? SHeeeeeeeeeit, Dynamite only water!
Loggers had the same mindset - books like "They Tried To Cut It All"...

We need some laws and regulations

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He's got the Bill Clinton womanizing down..and Bill was a great Prez, IMHO
so might work out.

What name says "America" like Newt or Obama..

(I think we are in trouble no matter)

Apologize to anyone reading..or named Newt or Obama, from Moses Lake, poachers and lastly, overage drinkers :beer2:

Back to fishing talk only!


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In before Newt gets it shut down.

We got one of them damn sea lions caught in our gill net one night. Freakin' thing was tearin' the crap out of the net and when we got it to the boat it proceeded to bash the livin' crap out of the stern. My partner got a 12 gauge and blasted the thing right in the head from less than two feet away. Both of us were covered with sea lion brains. Freakin' disgustin'.