Custom ultra light float tube


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OR, NFO has a new line. They have the 6' Predator, and an 8 foot one plus the Assault. Made out of Heart Valve material so strong and very light. The Predator is around 6 lbs and the Assault around 9.

Good reading you again SHig
Those UL NFO boats are way cool! My boat should come in at around 2 pounds and fold up much smaller than those, but those are worthy of a look. I do like the looks of the Assault boat.

Yeah, it has been a while, hasn't it? Had a lot of stuff go down in my life the last couple of years...



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Hope 13 is a better year for you friend. Look forward to your reports. About the NFO, they are at least 6 feet long and 5 feet wide, so pretty impressive for the size. I have an order for the Predator that I can't wait to give a review on.


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Kind of kidding, and kind of not... This has crossed my mind. One regular diameter noodle would be too little for most of us though. I think this floats me at 165lbs, somewhere about armpit height.
Lol on the noodle. Not comfortable for flyfishing in glacial tarns though! The volume of that noodle is more than the deflated and packed tube that I'm working on as well - though it could come in at a pound less... ;)


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SHigSpeed, what a a great job on the tube! Much better than what I could come up with. I'd have to SWAG everything and would probably end up in the middle of a lake with nothing but the top of my rod visible. Can't wait to hear about your maiden voyage. Couldn't christen it with a bottle of wine.... water balloon maybe?

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I recently came across this "reborn Curtis Raft":
Nearly identical to Brians I think. A price I saw in the link was $300 but not sure it's current.

Here's a current link I just found, through the above.
35 ounces instead of 24. Not bad for what you get, freedom on the alpine lakes.
Oops, just saw "sold out". You might contact if interested though. Maybe $300 didn't pencil.


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I have been hiking into alpine lakes for over 20 yrs. I have always used a small raft/oars. I dont pack a tent, waders or fins. I use the raft for bedding at nite and cover the raft with a tarp if it rains( the floor is inflated and my back is okay in the morning);) . I made a bench seat( pvc material) that goes across the top part of the side chambers for getting up off the floor to cast, the pvc bench seat breaks down and fits in my backpack. The raft has 4+ chambers for safety. It has worked for me all these years( new rafts overtime) but generally i have been very happy with the raft and i can take extra gear, food and misc items out with me on the lake. It has been tweaked and fine tuned over the years, but in the past 10 yrs it has been the same setup. I am 6'4 and 215 lbs. I agree with most, lose some belly fat and pack in more whiskey. Come June/July when the snow melts, i will be ready to hit the trails again.

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I do a fair amount of alpine lakes tubing and as much of it to off-trail lakes as I can. Weight is always an issue.

For years I stayed away from the old-school "widow maker" donut tubes but finally caved and picked one up a couple years ago. It is the lightest I've seen anywhere, Bucks Bags or whatever they're called, approx 5 lbs if you strip off the extra useless crap.

For U-shaped tubes the classic Caddis was a good option at around 6 lbs. Still, add waders, fins, and a SOS PFD and yer adding on the weight. Fins, you can go low brow on, maybe leave the Force Fins at home. Waders, I use Simms travel waders. Super thin and light, patched all to hell :)

Other than that, if it aint essential don't pack it.

It's a challenge though, some things you can't skimp on. And I'm down with the pack rafts, but you give up something in return. There's nothing like using your fins to keep position and have 2 hands free for fighting fish, taking pics, or whatever.

I saw these guys mentioned earlier, maybe they'll partner with you on a tube option? If so, report back, I'll be next in line for one.
Or, since you are trying for minimalism, combine the PFD with the tube--just wear some SOS penders and inflate when you want to fish.

Warning--not all of the info on this site is real helpful, although most of it is.