You guys are all a bunch of lying bastards!!!


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Yeah, but was your fly made out of natural materials or synthetic? Everyone knows that you aren't really "swinging" if your flies aren't made out of all natural materials. :rofl:
Chiming in a bit late but I can confirm that the fly Jesse was using was tied with all natural materials. :)

Well done Jesse!!! :beer1:

I need to get out on the water SOON.
#48 steelhead with all sorts of "cheater" gear that is supposed to get me into unlimited numbers of fish.
I didn't care. I needed to catch a fish.

.......throwing beads (with secret polish)
........ horribly dirty jigs (even tried ones with a glow stick)
........dipping my jigs in a little bit of anise before heading out.

Jesse have you been smoking crack???!

I was literally cracked out.


For winter, 15# maxima mono or if I feel like I need to get a little deeper or if water is clear 15# seaguar

You would honestly point your rod at a 40" buck? BULLSHIT! If I foul hooked a chum with 15# my hook would straighten before I would lose my fly. I straightened out an owner 1/0 on a hoh logpile last week. Still have the fly. I would sketched out to run 20# only because my running line is 30# mono and I would hate to cut too close and lose a skagit head to a snag.

To salmo: I respect your tippet choice! You've been doing this a long time if it works for you why change eh? Have you ever popped off fish when going for the tail or at that point in the "fight" is landing the fish a non isssue (ie you got the best of em, let em be)? Maybe my inexperienced hands are to blame, but after leadering a fish I've seen how easy one headshake can pop maxima or straighten lightwire hooks if I'm not careful. Another reason I like to err on the heavy side.

But what do I know I'm just one guy out there flailing at em like the rest. I lack the years of wisdom. Just making it work for me as I learn about this game we call steelheading.... I need to get back to the river.
Sean, no bullshit..sometimes you have to make the choice..lose your whole line including backing..or break off..Had a hot fish on a certain river that didn't I watched the backing dwindle down to near was point and pull time...that was after I burnt my fingers a few times and had at that time my sara. on with the drag set...

Same happened with one that ran out a tailout on me...tried to bring it back up and that time I lost my line and half my backing when it hung up...screw that...point and pull now...

Was reading a book on the OP and the old timers talked about how often the big fish they hooked would spool them....might not be the same today but I would bet there are still a few that might..Reason I use my old reels now or if using the sara. have no drag set is....the only time I have broken my tippet is when the drag was set and snapped it....palming to hard will as well....step in learning the process is all..

Shit happens....

Reading what salmo said is very similar...10# is normally my max for steelhead..salmon is a different story...
I've found and this is with no scientific backing...that for whatever reason...I catch more with 8 or 10# then I do with higher pound test...
A slight draw back is a heavier test will turn over bigger flies a bit better..but I got to wondering why I was using 12# now and realized it was because I had run out of had to order some up...
When fishing my pin a few years ago...I used to use 8lb max, lots of guys went lighter....weird!!!

Glad you reminded me of that lazy....

Funny thing about leaders and tippet are they are so overlooked by most guys but one of the more important parts of the whole equation....I remember a bud who I was fishing with up north...we'd been getting trout all day and no steel....came into a hole and he hooked a big steelie...rolled and broke him off...He stood there with his head down and told me...That was my fault..I saw my tippet was all nicked up but didn't think it mattered as we were only hitting trout...Since then I have been pretty diligent about changing mine regularly..

but in the end I guess it's all about what gives you the most confidence...I like tying so figure if a fly hooks up it's time to change...and gives me something to do at night instead of watching TV...
Point the rod at a devil fish is not my style. Last year, l got spooled after the fish broke the rod.

A couple weeks back, the devil fish spooled me. It never stopped. Before I ran 100 yds downstream, my line was at the arbor knot. I was okay with the lost line as my deathstar was in one piece. Gotta put it all in perspective. Tip your cap to the fish and move on.


Point the rod at a devil fish is not my style. Last year, l got spooled after the fish broke the rod.

A couple weeks back, the devil fish spooled me. It never stopped. Before I ran 100 yds downstream, my line was at the arbor knot. I was okay with the lost line as my deathstar was in one piece. Gotta put it all in perspective. Tip your cap to the fish and move on.
Damn...those are the fish that make this sport as exciting...Running down one is a blast as well...lines are easy and I got a couple or more for each's the backing that's a bitch to replace on the river...

Depends on where you fish though...I took a ration of shit and accepted it for leaving a line hanging off a wild fish
I pointed my tip at a fish in the 40'' range. It popped my 15lb maxima like nothing. Two head shakes and gone! That was after I had my nail knot to the tip top three times, after I swam under a log jam it got under, with line burned fingers, and couldn't follow it downstream any more. I couldn't stomach the thought of killing it just to say I landed it.

In the winter, I now fish 17lb flouro. Last season I broke off a handful of fish. One took, I set the hook and it exploded. It pulled the last twenty five feet of line down stream off of my reel, threw a loop around my handle, and turned around back up stream. It broke the 17lb flouro pulling my wind cutter upstream, just the belly in the line was enough pressure. A few weeks ago, I straigtened out two hooks (last time I buy vision hooks) on medium sized fish, putting the wood to them.

I know someone who lost 250 yards of backing to a big wild fish last season. Pretty cool story.

Bob Jones

Still truckless now farther away
Jesse I know you're a good guy no mater what Ed says. I too havebeen stocking up on all the gear I can but have yet to fish it as we've been fly fishing lakes. I'm told that if I want to catch the big ones I need to be gear ready when they call. Last we fished Kress lake and were after the put and take fish and I was using my new to me 6wt to get used to, a 6lb fluoro tippet and just getting started that morning. I had a two fly nymph rig and was very pleased with a tug on the line. I started reeling in trying to get the line tight and the fish was not putting any weight on it yet . As he neared the boat he turned and felt the hook, last thing I felt was the snap and then joy as he flew through about 5 jumps just as bright as polished silver and my flies hanging from his jaw. My flies were size 12 mini jigs I had tied myself and of course the knot was tied by me too HE kept the flies but I got the knot back.. I've had only one other steelhead that did the same thing to me on the Siletz many years ago and that's the closest I've been to catching one but still happy. I like casting my spey rod but It's been standing in the corner of my room since I reuned to Portland..