True 5 or 6wt switch/spey recommendations?

The 'key question' here is 'True 5 or 6 wt switch/spey' etc. Most rods will have more than one # that matches up with the rod designers idea of the type of lines/grains that effectively work with the equipment. There are a couple of major exceptions to this that come to mind: ACR (Gary Anderson) and the Burkie line of rods. When Gary/Kerry put a #7 on a rod, they mean a '7.'

Thinking about line choices (after you pick which 'stick' you want) give Steve Gotshall (541 840 2594) a call and have him build you a line for that Puppy. (Be prepared for a 20 minute phone call! ;>) ) Steve has darned near every 2-hander built 'dialed in' and add to that 'your casting style' the line will be a 'one off' cut just for you/rod. Won't cost you a penny more than something 'off the shelf' but you'll know you've got something unique the first time you cast the combo.
349$ should get you echo dec hogan.... ebay alot of the sellers will include a line for that price....! and free shippin. I like to support the local guys too.... I was just about to buy one myself online and my local guy matched the price....!
Yeah, I've been informed The Anglers Roost just a few moments ago and am leaning towards ther 12' 5/6wt. Seems like a fun little rod for what I intend to use it for. Now I'll start doing some research and looking for reviews on it.

This game we call fly fishing never ends.
I sold off an a.r.e. 12' 5/6 not long ago. Bought it for playing around on a couple trips last summer. Don't let the cheap price fool you, these are pretty darn nic me rods for the money. Plus if you decide it wont work for your needs you're not out an arm and a leg.
Yeah, I'm leaning towards the Anglers Roost rod. I've heard it's a fun rod and sounds perfect for what I want to use it for (1-3lb bulls- nothing massive).
And yeah, at that price, I wont feel bad if I don't like it and decide to sell it off.

Thanks everyone for helping me out!
DUDE. I picked up a Echo sr 10'10'' 6wt and lined it up with an Airflo 420 grain skagit switch. This combo really kicks, and for 325$ for the rod, its hard to beat. Perfect size for bulls and some of the smaller steelhead streams that I frequent up here in B.C.. Surprisingly, I can chuck 12' of T-14 on it, not that gracefully though!
Hey Stickle.Back, welcome to the forum- it's always nice to get another Canuck on this forum (I think there's only a handful of us...). I've actually just scored a whole kit from another forum member (Amundson 11' 3/4wt with a Hardy Uniqua) for a killer price that matches about the amount of use it will see. This set up is going to pretty much be my Squamish River bull set up for the chum fry hatch, which I take it and expect that you will be targeting too in a month or so.