They giveth and they taketh away..



Just kind of a typical thread on what can happen to you out there..

Thought I'd be smart and make res. for the coupville ferry Sat. morning...845...when I did it I asked the guy if I should for the return on Sunday and he said..."No, I wouldn't worry about that, sunday isn't going to be busy with Monday a holiday"

My LJB was coming down and that bastard likes to roll early...So for once,that's a good thing...So truck is packed up and warming up at 615...waiting, waiting...630 I go in and call and his wife says he overslept a little but should be there any time....7 o'clock he pulls in...Got a random check at the border coming down....Go figure on the one day we're in a hurry...

So not expecting to make the coupville we roll out.....pull in at 840, ferry is there and the guy says..Glad you made it...and we're the last vehicle on...High Five!!!

Weather sucks so that's enough of an excuse to pull into the Port of Angles and hit the fly shop there..
Kind of blows me away how good that shop is...They got some serious feathers and materials...think outside the box on some of their ties and soft goods...blew a Benjamin easy and also picked up a really cool clip on hat light for old guys like me...and some better info on spots to poke around in..

Sat. was a drove around looking at a few spots I've never been for future ref. Ran into Dave? the fish checker guy...I love that guy, ran into him last year seems like every trip and and b.s. with him a lost looking for an ark and ended up in lapush to see some mother of all wave action out there...and finally sucked it up and spent a couple hours in brown water getting pissed on by mother nature and blown all at the same time...for no particular reason other then we were big bull but mostly bullshit..kind of weather where you lift your line and it blows back up on you...adventure!!!

Had dinner at pacific pizza and still think you guys are on crack as that's the best pizza I've had since I moved up to hillbilly land...

Sunday was was great...water was pretty damn good....pounded a bunch of it but only got one good tug and reel burn for about one before I could set...met the fish lady..very cool and chatted with her for a bit...For dealing with a bunch of yahoo's they are damn friendly...

Fished, fished, fished....headed home...called to make a res. for the Pt. towns ferry...sorry we're booked but show up 45 min before and you will make um...showed up and hour and five teen before and we aren't going to make the next one and probably not the last one...WTF???....bust it down to Kingston and the ferry has an hour wait....
Well, that wasn't too bad as it meant we missed one ferry but made the next and still got over before we would have with the PT one...

Don't ask directions from a guy who's been drinking...They tell you one way, most of it, then start laughing and tell you.."Just follow the guy ahead of you, they all head north"...Shit....ended up driving a long way down 99 thinking we were in Everett since we seemed to be in the heart of message pallor land..only to find when we got on I5 we were still way below it...

So what started so easy, ended a bit rough...good adventure..but what the hell is going on over there that the ferries are like that? Don't honestly think that damn PT ferry is any quicker when coming down from the border...

no fishies worth reporting...
Tom Mathews the fish checker. Awesome guy, have known him since I could walk. He checks at Point Defiance from april til november and then moves out to Forks to check fish from november until march. I can honestly say that I don't think I have ever met a nicer guy than Tom. He took us on a couple floats last December and is awesome on the sticks. My dad and tom gear fish so we pulled plugs and caught fish but I was definitely wishing I could hop out and swing a couple runs.


Only way, besides being a super nice guy to describe the guy is by hair...and if you met him you'd know what I mean...If that is him then good to know it's Tom....sure beats.."Hey how you doing?" LOL...
Yeah I have not seen Tom since about October so I can not comment on his current hair style but he does have red hair and a black lab that is usually with him.
Waters West is one of the best fly shops ive stepped into. There artic fox alone is enough to make me wish I lived closer. I think its awesome that they dye so many of there own materials and pass the savings on.


They are on the web now for ordering...think the same thing, the artic fox I picked up this time was was a bunch of the feathes and rhea...

I didn't see a lab but he has a huge mop of what I thought brownish's funny as my buddy thought it was a wig last year..and I said no way..LOl
Good Report, the Coupeville Ferry is not any faster than driving down to Edmonds, found that out last year, coming back during a freakin hurricane (at least it felt like one), plus the times are better out of Kingston coming back.
Going to have to stop in at the shop in Port Angeles this year and check out the goods.
That pizza shop in Forks is one of the best I have ever had.....