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We are selling our apartment, and have been "de-cluttering" there is a pile of lines that aren't being used. they are as follows:

7/8/9 Rio skagit cheaters in a 5' floater, 5' int. and 2.5' float. $15

Cortland Type III sink tip (15' i think) - $15

Rio Outbound WF9 F/I (intermediate head) used 2 or 3 times - $35 Sorry guys NOT the tropical one....

Rio Atlantic Salmon/ Steelhead WF7F used 2 or 3 times - $35

All prices in CND!!!! =)

I'm after the following lines if anyone has them to trade :

Rio Clouser WF6F or WF5F
Rio Streamer tip WF6F/I or 5 weight
Airflo 40+ with the Ghost tip in a 6wt or 5wt
Rio Outbound WF6 HOVER
Rio short WF5F/I

Or similar lines....

Shipping Extra...

I'll accept paypal, or cheques


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