I am pretty new at this too...so where in E. Wash?

I am pretty new at flyfishing, yet a friend and I are going to take advantage of some nice weather this weekend through Tuesday to fish in Eastern Washington. Where are some good streams or rivers to start with that have easy access? -The Clergy
What part of Eastern Washington are you headed to? It's a large area. Some of my favorites are in the Winthrop area like the Methow, Chumstick, Eightmile Cr. and other tributaries. There's enough beautiful fly waters in that area that you can't nearly fish it all in a loooong weekend. Please, if your real new, learn about good catch and release methods, and practice until it's second nature. These fisheries are fragile, hense the closures on such large areas. Though mostly steelhead related, often the juvenile steelies are inadvertently caught. Of course the Yakima River is always an adventure if your headed that way. And, I've had fun fishing the Rattlesnake Creek drainage. If your headed as far east as Spokane you might try the Spokane River. I haven't been there since my school days at Whitworth, but I read an article about it recently. Your going to love this sport, I certainly do. Wish for fish- Frank
For some good streams in Eastern WA, Flyfisher Frank has got the right idea. The Winthrop area used to be my favorite area; then the steelhead closures pretty much shot the best stretches of the Chewuck and the Methow. However, Boulder Creek is still worth a shot. I like a lot of the Yakima tributaries, with Taneum, Manastash, and Rattlesnake being my favorites. The Touchet and Tucannon Rivers are also fun, as is the Spokane RIver and Little Spokane. Pretty much everything in the Wenatchee and Entiat drainiage is closed.

[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON Jun-15-01 AT 09:28 AM (PST)[/font][p]This is a large area to cover, but the my hotspots are the following: Amber Lake outside of Cheney Washington, Rocky Ford Creek by Soap Lake, Yakima River, Chopaka Lake & L Lake near the Candadian border, Dry Falls Lake near Coulee City, and Spokane River - tough wading though. East of the border and into Idaho & Montana - Couer d'lene River, St. Joe, Kelly's Creek, Rock Creek, and Clark Fork. I am not an expert, but I do try to fish about 5 times per week. (not enough - ha!)

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