NFR - Taking a college group camping

Hey everyone,
Need some suggestions.
I'm organizing a camping trip with 10 college friends. Not really sure where to go.

We are in seattle and would drive as far 3.5 hours (maybe a little further if it's really amazing)
Some week in May and actually have things to do there.

Personally i'd love there to be a lake (with boat rental) or river within a few mins that i could fish before everyone woke up hahaha :) I wont have my pontoon with me :(
I guess that's where i really need help; i really want to fish! haha

I was originally thinking lake Wenatchee (and fishing fish lake, which i haven't fished in years) but the rest of the group wasn't so excited about that.

Dan Nelson

Hiker, Fisher, Writer, Bum
In May, the Cascades will still be full of snow.

My quick suggestion would be Sun Lakes State Park (Dry Falls Area). Lakes to fish or swim in, open country to hike in, dirt roads to mountain bike on.

YOu can find more information on the park here: Lakes

and hiking information here:

Just be aware that come May there may be ticks and a few snakes in the area. But the desert wildflowers should be in full bloom, too!
Hey Dan,
thanks for the suggestion. I will bring it up with the group tomorrow. Is it warm enough to swim in early may?

@derek, i wish haha. still waiting on the remaining few to reach 21. we're already considering ditching the younger ones for vegas haha
Potholes is also in that relative area. I think that time of year the air temps could be warm enough to swim, but the water may still be a bit cool. You're other option is to head south to reach possible warm weather, but that's no guarantee either.

Dan Nelson

Hiker, Fisher, Writer, Bum
Sound be warm enough -- at least the air temperature. Water will be cold, but a fire and a bit of Dry Fly Wheat will warm you back up. If you end up going to Sun Lakes, and you and your crew are interested in hiking, PM me with you email address and I'll send you a couple word docs with local hikes in the area so you don't have to buy my book (after you get out of college, though, go out and buy them all!)