Walker Bay 8

Scott Salzer

previously micro brew
If anybody has a source for a used WB 8 let me know. Yes, I saw the post on the armor coated 8.

Just looking for a reasonable price. Not that the other post was "unreasonable" just more than I was thinking of spending.

If ya got a source, let me know.

Scott Salzer, AKA Micro Brew

BTW - That Soft Tail vodka out of woodinville is nice stuff - they also have some sweet grappa.
I have one sitting on the side of my house I may be willing to part with. Has oars, its older, bought it from a member several years ago. bought a kayak cart and rigged it to put under the boat for Lenice, works pretty well. Have small trolling motor for it as well.


Rick Todd

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Scott just wants to keep his feet out of the water as he gets older! (or else he ends up spending the afternoon on "Potty Island" on Lenice!) Rick