NFR Wa Legislator's At It Again


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Be advised about the DOL's sneaky bullshit attempt to make you pay a $5 donation to the state parks on your vehicle registration. They include it in your itemized total and make you select "opt out" at the bottom of the page. My wife caught this on our recent registration and sent them a piece of her mind on the form... and, w/o another $5 to flush down the waste stream they call a budget. :mad:

WA wants to be like CA so bad their teeth ache...simply amazing. 2016 cannot get here soon enough -- when we get to opt out of WA.

Jim Ficklin

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I caught that too on my recent on-line renewal. Next they'll be adding options for magazine renewals and political contributions . . .


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The opt out has been on renewals for a while now. I used to opt in because I support the state park concept. Last time I opted out because I object to making it an automatic opt in unless you choose opt out and because I object to the Legislature tossing state parks to the vagaries of voluntary funding. That is, I think state parks should be part of general fund revenue source.

I agree with Salmo. The state parks are a wonderous asset and we all need to support them - or lose them. It would be far, far better to have their budget as a line item not as a "voluntary" assessment. It is politics, pure and simple. When you are running out of money, the dance becomes intricate and hard to follow the money.

Voices, the only solution is voices expressed to your representitives. Those poor souls have some hard decisions to make and the human condition is to make the least controversial one. Our voices are the only tonic. It is hard for them, it is hard for us. Step up, it is the price. E-mail is free.


Scott Salzer

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This nothing new... I opt out only because they make me do that in order not to pay it. If it was an opt in thing, I would pay it - gladly. Kind of half assed backward, I know. They are depending on people not paying attention rather that depending on them supporting parks.

I will continue to opt out every year, every vehicle.

I do get the Discovery Pass and frequent the SP's with the motor home.

I don't like deception.


Rick Todd

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While I agree it is a deceptive way to raise funding for parks, I opt in on all my licenses (which including 3 vehicles, a camper and two other trailers ads up to $30). Not a very big amount but I do support parks, and I also favor raising the entrance fee to generate more funding. That said, I rarely go to state parks, except Pass Lake. Rick
I admire Rick's philanthropy, but I don't think he can keep up with the increases in spending each year. Contrary to what you read in the papers, our representatives never cut spending, just go on line and check their "budgets" year to year.

Rob Ast

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As others have said, this is not new. Been there for about 2 years. I'll gladly pay a few extra bucks to keep our state parks running. Is it the best, most up front way to do it- no. Is it the best way to fund our parks in general - no. But I'd rather fund the parks then have them go away.
I don't mind paying for the state parks at all. I wouldn't even mind paying a little more in taxes to balance the budget - IF I thought we could trust the politicians with our money. We can't. Look at what they've done with education in this state and all they want to do about it is sit back and blame everything on the teachers - now that's leadership, folks. They've asked the majority of us state employees to take pay cuts to help balance the budget, yet they conveniently legislated it so that their pay cannot legally be cut. Look at all the promises we were given with the lottery funds. Heck, I'd pay $20 extra for state parks if I thought all of the money would actually get there.