The Music O Spey

For St. Paddy's Day, The Movie: O'Spey

Don't want to hijack the thread, but this has to be done. As an emerging spey guy, I'm torn.
Is it possible that what "The Movie" did for fly fishing, this will do the opposite for speycasting?

To quote Ewan McGregor's character, "This is plainly ridiculous." Perhaps it will drive people away from the sport altogether? Is that good, or bad???

After seeing the trailer this weekend, I threw up in my mouth just a little bit - luckily I fished the OR coast on Wednesday w/ a buddy, I had so much fun fishing in the snow, I just about forgot about it. I still need to purge with multiple viewings of an AEG disk, Red Gold, or other quality fish porn so that it will never ever enter my mind on river. Ever.

Ian Broadie

Flyfishing is so "Metal"
Fishing and music don't go together.... Silence and fishing go together.. except of course for the click of a reel.
I've never experienced silence while fishing, there's always something making noise be it the river, an animal of some sort, a train plane or automobile, wind rustling something, the little whistling sound of the tip of my rod on my forward cast, all of which could be considered music in some way or another.

Also being a musician, music goes with everything and everything actually has a theme song to me but that's just how I perceive the world.


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may be you are right ...
sound of the river, the wind and the trees ...... what could be better?
and fish splash of course...:)