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I received the North Seattle CC mailing the other day and saw that they are offering a steelhead fishing class.

I am new to fly fishing and have only fished for trout with mixed results and want to give steelhead a try. I wanted to get your opinion on this class and whether you or someone you know has taken this class and if it is worth it. Would the Dennis Dickenson steelhead school be a better use of my time and money?

Here is a link to the class description:

My honest opinion is don't do it. Looks like the class is a combonation fly and gear class. Why stand around for 30min with your fly rod waiting for the teacher to finish talking about how to catch Steelies with gear?
Pay the extra 75.00 and do a REAL Steelhead FLYFISHING ONLY school with none other than the BEST Dennis Dickson. Not only will you be there for his knowledge, but also you will be in pontoons floating awesome rivers and be in a Flyfishing Steelhead environment and not wasting time listening on how to put live bait or eggs on a hook.
Ask any flyfisher thats been to his classes and 10 out of 10 would say this class is the Best.
Good luck!
PS, I might even take a class here in the near future, even though I've already guided with him. You can never have too much knowledge, especially on Flyfishing for Steelhead!

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I agree with Sky. I'm not sure who John Evensen is, but it looks like a class geared toward people with no class...gear chuckers. There are a lot of folks that swear by Dennis and his guided trips. You'll learn more on the river with him than you could on your own in a years time. Besides, 75 bucks could buy some great fly line.

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I would suggest saving your money, read a few books on steelheading like Try Combs' book Steelhead Fly Fishing, spend time on your home waters and hang out with other steelhead fly fishers. You will learn what you need to know and have the experience of learning steelheading the way the best steelheaders before you learned. You will gain knowledge and develop friendships that will last the rest of your life.

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KerryS speaks words of wisdom. I could not have said it
any better. Get out and fish when the rivers open.
If you fish they will come!

I would say go with Dickson. He is a great teacher and really knows steelhead. You will learn far more on the water with him for a day than you would through months of trial and error and reading.