Lone - Friday 3/23/12


Not to be confused with Freestone
someone needs to slap you up side the head, real quick...The Lazy B will never miss you, or me...:D
Yeah, I know. My comment was TIC, but I swear in recent years every week seems to bring another shit-storm that heads my way. I admire those that can seemingly shrug off work situations and not allow it to interfere with their personal schedules. I'm not wired that way and I suppose part of it comes with ones specific role/responsibilities.


Idiot Savant
Freestone, my comment was rooted in the fact that I haven't worked a weekend in 2 months. Now when I step up the weather turns nice...go figure...:confused: So, no trap, no fishing, just warming my workstation...

Gregg Lundgren

Now fishing on weekdays too!
Here is the report I promised...

What a gorgeous day! Always nice having to peel off layers of clothing as the day goes on. Also, I am sitting here remembering that sunburns actually do hurt. The little seen orb in the sky got me. Just a light breeze out today, and most often it was both helpful and enjoyable. Quite a few boats on the water today for a Friday.

I arrived at the lake around 08:00, and "Islander" (Steve) rolled in just after. He was there under the premise that he wanted to try-out his new backpack pontoon, but I think he mostly wanted to give a few trout sore lips. The new pontoon was just cover. The resident cookie monster accepted some doughnut holes to help jump start his morning. Then, comes "nailbender" (Doug), so introductions all around, and we were off fishing shortly after.

As much as I might hate to say it, I did not catch one fish today on anything other than a chironomid. Not that I didn't try an assortment of buggers and leaches. I guess I am a slow learner, but eventually I worked my way up the ladder of success. It certainly didn't matter that much given the weather. I was thrilled just to have an entire day dedicated to fishing on such a fine day in March.

So, it went for me... black zebra: couple of fish, good; tan/green with copper wrap: six fish, better; gift from a new friend (Doug) to use as a dropper: best, just got sweeter and sweeter late into the afternoon as I began to dial it in. Steve and Doug had a great day, but I won't steal their thunder.

The fish were all in the 18" class. The remarkable fish : one was quite a bit bigger, one was chrome with a deep pink stripe and huge black spots a top the olive back, one was really dark (I only caught one that was dark). The fish were strong and pulling hard, not many taking to the air.

OK. I am going off to find some Solarcaine. Those of you going fishing tomorrow should be off looking for your sunscreen!
Sounds like a great day! Thanks for the report. Sadly family obligations kept me local. Did manage a gorgeous 22" bow on my local lake. Wish I could have been there though!

Ill be there tomorrow if anyone is around be sure to say hi
Usually happy to work weekends as that way on my day's off there are less people about, doing the things I love to do. Certainly this week I wished I did have the weekend off. Glad to see that Friday on Lone was productive. I'll hope for the best (weather wise) for Tuesday & Wednesday.
Happy to read about those that did get out.