FS Ryobi Reels + Backpacking Boots

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I've come into a group of older, but in great shape ryobi reels. I'm not going to use them and will pass along the good deal.
2x- Ryobi model 455 4", click/pawl drag - Sold

2x- Ryobi 355 the small version of the above reel – Ryobi 355 Ultralight, copy of Hardy SA System 8 in Magnesium alloy. Good condition - $25 each

I mistyped- i have 2 full 455's but not a spool- sorry. I'll check into the $ to ship to candada.
The springs are metal.
Gary- yes its a click/pawl.
And yes both the 455's are sold pending funds.
I'm gone for the weekend clamming/fishing so i wont be at the computer to reply till monday...
Not open for further replies.