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Well said Thom Collins. Keep this thread ROLLING. Such a good thread that I've found myself liking a few posts of people that I usually end up on the opposite side of the spectrum from.


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its ok to disagree with somebody, but not if you disagree with a liberal, then you are hitler, hate women, eat children and are a dumb hillbilly
Did you post this in the wrong thread? I'm not sure how it fits into the conversation. Reading back, I'm not even sure who you're responding to. I'm not seeing anything with a political bent. Unless you're assuming "conservatives" are anti-marijuana, and "liberal's" are pro. Which would be decidedly wrong, obvious even within the context of just this thread. Of course, we both know that real conservatives wouldn't even think of supporting the colossal waste of tax dollars known as the "war on weed".

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This is purely a political issue, one centered around personal freedoms and the role of government in our daily lives. Flyborg, you've hit on the real issue, which is hypocrisy - there are those who lament the spending of tax money for the "war" on anything; be it drugs, terrorism, obesity, hatchery fish, beads (sorry, I digress). It is purely politics. There are those who want to tell me how to live my life, how you should live yours, all the while decrying the size of government. That being said, no-one has the right to endanger another person's well-being or health. I try my best to avoid fast food, but I'm not to tell you that you can't eat it - yet the government will on your behalf. How's that for freedom - paying someone to tell you what to do and how to live. No thanks.

If you don't like my smoke, then don't come around, cause I am going to burn one down. This applies to more than a J, it applies to tyranny and the loss of personal freedoms at the hand of a religious and politically bent group of your fellow citizens.
This recent election cycle has me very concerned about the future of the country. More than ever before, morality issues are becoming more and more center stage, and from the party that supposed to be the champions of personal liberty. The thing that concerns me is the number of supporters these types of things have. You'd think that anyone making issues about what people put in their bodies, do in their bedrooms, or teach to their children would be laughed off the stage... Instead, they're being paraded around and celebrated.
Some great one-liners from this thread!
  • And naturally you say the same to every flask toting fisherman you encounter.-nick clayton
  • The only way I have managed to find steelhead fishing enjoyable is by huffing gold metallic spray paint. (thanks to whoever is kindly picking up all the cans)- JesseCFowl
  • buying weed supports dangerous and violent criminals who abuse our national forests [by illegally growing in them].-RobAllen
  • Don't be surprised if half the guys on this forum had a toke before Easter Dinner today/tonight.-dryflylarry
  • credit to Snoop Dog for his perhaps unintentional role in lowering crime...-wadin’ boot
  • What if he is on the river with his kid and doesn't want him seeing that stuff? I dont care if you smoke nicotine, weed, or cock, just do it at home where I dont have to see it.- Kcahill
  • I do have a concern that large numbers of pot smokers are driving intoxicated to and from their fishing areas.-ribka
  • So has anyone written their article for the mag [Blood Knot] yet?-lylelovett666
We are interested in all of the unique perspectives shared throughout this thread! Not all "hot button" issues affect fly fishing, but smoking marijuana does, and seems to have both positive and negative impacts on the sport. This has been a great thread and we're hopeful all of you will take the time to submit your opinion pieces! Please direct any specific questions about those submissions to [email protected], and please submit submissions to the same address.And thank you all again for contributing to this thread!


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I don't think making bad behavior legal is the way to go.. First Alcohol, then Pot, then what heroine so pure that it kills with a single dose like has happened 7 times in the Longview area in the last month. I am sorry but pot derails your mind much different than caffeine or sugar that is comparing apples to oranges. It impairs your skills and your inhibitions.
People are already showing too little restraint and poor judgment while enjoying the outdoors. If a person needs to be out of their mind to enjoy life then they should go do that in their own home NOT on public property. We have laws against public drunkenness for a reason!! There is no reason to put other people by using pot in public as well. You are already putting them in enough danger by buying an illegal substance grown in our national forests and guarded by automatic weapons by people who intent to kill you if you are out backpacking and stumble across their grove.

You call pointing out the facts being judgmental well I say being on the river and using substances that make you a danger to yourself and others is selfish and stupid.. I am sorry but i have a legal right to be safe from your illegal activity. This is exactly why i wish to disassociate myself from from a lot of fly fishers these days. It seems as though they use the river as their frat house.. Go be stupid in private and quit ruining the experiences of others.
I am all for legalizing the easing of suffering and the use of medical marijuana by those who need it for physical pain.

If you need pot to deal with life or if pot enhances your life you really badly need to grow up. take life into your own hands, end your enslavement and live...
I bet you saw the movie " Reefer Madness" .