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RIGHT ON! What white and fluffy? They still like my yellow egg
I really don't know the name of the pattern, or even what it was tied to imitate. Just something I picked up from cause it looked like it could approximate a little piece of bread. You can see it pretty cleary in the fish's gob in the second pic.
Blue... I have that exact same rod (also in a 4wt). I want soooo bad to actually tag one. I've put many steelies on the bank with that rod, and a few salmon, but no carp yet. Maybe this is my year ;) .


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I got out again today, but took the Orvis 10' 8 weight. Caught a NICE big one and then realized, "I forgot my net" ARGH! My net is too small for these guys, but enough to scoop the head up. Anyway, I had to play him for a long time. Back and forth, trying to get his tail. I finally was able to slide him up on the wet grass for a picture and hook removal. Then my fishing partner showed up and I was able to help him and vise versa. Great Carp day althought they were a little smaller, they were fuuuuuun! Now here is the kicker. The first one was on the Yellow softhackle glow bug as a dropper off a clouser, the rest what the glow bug, but as a dropper off an Elk Hair...I know, weird set up, but they would bounce the caddis then go under for the egg.
They were very interested in my Popcorn fly too, but my timing was way off.

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Checked a couple favorite haunts on the Columbia in the Tri Cities this morning. Looks like the Carp are done spawning, but either they're not actvely feeding yet or the extremely high water level has them well-hidden. Watched a couple bow-fishermen in a boat doing a lot of searching & no shooting while I was out, so I guess it might be a couple more weeks before things get productive. I'll recon to the south tomorrow.