NFR Bigfoot

I fished with a Bigfoot once. Pretty cool guy. Made these potatoes over the campfire that were awesome. I mean this-could-be-my-whole-meal kind of awesome.


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I swear we heard one at Mt. Saint Helens the other day at the lake, but it was just a sick Comerant! But the yotes and bull elk were screaming at him in the morning. I just never got a look at him. ONE OF THESE DAYS!


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Well...I've never talked about this before but there was one day I did a solo float down the Sauk River. I'll never forget the day. It was mid week, March 16, 1991 to be exact and the day was one of those normal drizzly spring days. About mid-day the sun popped out and I decided it was a good time to stop for lunch.

I'd just downed a sandwich and a beer and was lighting up a smoke when a melon sized rock landed a few feet away from me. I turned around and looked but didn't see anyone. The nearest cover was at least 30' away but I couldn't really see anything hiding in it so I turned my gaze back to the river thinking that the rock must have just been sitting funny and had picked that moment to fall off of whatever it was balanced on.

A few seconds later another one landed a few feet away and this time there was no doubt that the rock had been thrown. It was the size of a cantaloupe and still had dirt clinging to it unlike the ones at the river's edge that surrounded me. I stood up and turned around facing the brush and made a few steps in that direction. It was at this time that the brush parted and a humanoid creature about eight feet tall charged me.

Rob Allen

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Unless there is fuzzy or otherwise questionable photographic evidence i won't believe anything.

although one time i watched the show big foot hunters or whatever and that really cracked me up......." there's a squatch in these woods"

Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
Ha! There's several mean and aggro Sasquatches guarding all my secret spots. However, they are my friends. They can sense my approach, and they fearlessly go about killing all the hornets nests before my arrival, so I can fish in peace. Sasquatch is your friend for life if you share your PBJ with one!