Wet Side Lake Retort

Go Fish

Language, its a virus
Hit a local west side lake for the opener
today. Decent weather, light to no winds,
sorta warmish. No fish for the first 2 hours
then a couple on brown leeches, then alot more
on caddis dries and soft hackles. Nothing big,
10 to 15 inches with lots of spunk. No real
hatch except chironos which brought the fish
up to feed. Water seemed warmer than expected
and it was great to be out. The crowd of the three
of us was a bit daunting but I managed without
losing my cool.



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If you only knew.....LOL
Thanks for the report Dave. Sounds like you and Johnny had a good time and were able to avoid catching any landlocked humpies.

Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
I would hazard a guess that Go Fish's cryptic sense of humor is kicking into play here. Just a guess, since I don't know Go Fish. Perhaps this is a "retort" to all those E side reports we are reading since the "opener" over there. Maybe it was his own personal "opener," based upon his own observations of water temp and bug activity, that it was finally the time to go and fish that lake.

Maybe we will never know the truth, because we just can't handle it!:confused:


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In my book, theres two season openers; the one listed by the state/license, and more importantly...your personal season opener, which can be later or earlier then the states. Just make sure your personal season opener is on a lagit body of water