First Fly Rod

I have never fly fished before and plan on taking it up this year. Being that I build rods it's only fitting my first fly rod should be made by me! It's a TFO TiCr 5wt 4 piece with an American Tackle Triangle seat, half wells super grade cork grip, and American Tackle guides. The bottom two sections are done, waiting on some 1/0 fly guides from mudhole to finish the top. Pairing it with the pictured reel, a Redington Surge 5/6 with Rio WF Floating line.



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I can see, good epoxy you got there!. But I would like to see more, so bring more photos! Maybe detailed cork grip photo, and take your rod outside to take a photo of it, when you have soft light available. Like mornig, or dusk. You can't imagine how much lightning can do to picture.. ;)

Like you mentioned in my thread, this was your first rod, so you will be amazed, how good this rod will be! :)

I must admit, it is my #1 rod in the river. Roll casts, switch casts, over handed casts... What the hell, this rod can do all kind of casts.
Yeah lighting is terrible in my "Man Room". It's very hard to see the purple trim against the black background. I'll take some more when we have good lighting outside (rainy/overcast today). My epoxy looks good there, it is not quite as neat as yours. I am still having issues with getting a smooth edge, but it is way better than my first rod ever!


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To purty to fish...better just leave that baby in the case. Good job. I still love wrapping charcoal colored blanks -- so many thread colors just look great on black.