WFF Who's going to E'burg FFF conclave? Got a boat?

Jerry Daschofsky

Staff member
I'll be up there hopefully Friday early. But definitely by that evening. I'll be working the Project Healing Waters booth. Stop on by and bend my ear and check out some of our soldiers tying.

We will be doing a float on Sunday. Not sure yet how many vets will be there. So may need seats in a boat. If you are interested in taking a vet or two fishing and floating Reds to the slab let me know. :)

Greg Smith

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It doesn't look like my boat is going to sell anytime soon, so I'm in.
Looking at Jeff's thread about the predicted snow melt, we might have to shift to a stillwater venue. Luckily, drift boats float on lakes too.



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Catchercraft will have a booth at the FFF Conclave in Ellensburg. Stop by and talk to Ken or myself.

Jerry, we had a 3-person boat for Project Healing Waters to use but it looks like it sold just yesterday.