Shameless magazine plug

Alex MacDonald

that's His Lordship, to you.....
Just received my latest COOKING WILD magazine; recipes for gravlax, smoked Michigan steelhead, whiskey elk fennel sausage, and an interview with a guy who wrote a book on turning from vegan to hunter. Fascinating! We tried the elk Wellington recipe in an earlier issue, and WOW! Great food ideas-give it a read if you find it!

The steelhead article doesn't go into any ethics about hatchery vs. wild. It's focused on recipe, preparation and cooking-just sayin`!

Upton O

Blind hog fisherman
Your tastes in game cooking are too refined for me. I grill it, stew it, roast it, or burger it. Just a step out of the caveman days, I guess. I appreciate the classiness, though.

You know, I don't know a single human who was born a herbivore (vegetarian). Funny, huh?


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Sounds interesting. Look into it. always looking for new recipes.

Just made Italian fennel sausage, Norwegian potato sausage, ginger maple breakfast and jalapeƱo cheddar summer sausage from elk, deer, lope left over meat last weekend. Finally getting the hang of making good sausage.

have not made a gravlax in a few years. maybe try it on triploids this year. I love gravlax and poached dill salmon and trout.