(NFR) How many scotches do you have before posting?


a.k.a. Griswald
I don't know you but I would enjoy meeting you. Currently on my second bourbon (Maker's Mark---I am from KY you know) on the rocks.

I also dig mightily good single malts with just a whisper of water.
Blended Canadian Whiskey is good too.

Here is to Saturday nights, drinkin a little,tyin a little, and reading WFF boards and waiting for June 1 !
Dammmmmn ,i need a drink right now, no licker around tho! toast one for me guys eh!

-the guy wid no drank-bhudda

"Dont let your dreams be dreams" -Jack Johnson
Skinny, my main man. I have a few drinks and then pound the keys for a while. It definitly frigs me up but so what? I just try to proff read more tightly to compensate.

Man, have I been admiring your political writing! Forceful thinking, well buttressed with tons of facts, very nice work indeed.

But you shouldn't beat up on these Republicans so badly. You've got them all whining for your censorship and Kalm's as well. I suppose they would like to shut me up too. The right wing is always like that.

But good on ya. Love to read your posts. That scotch will kill ya, ya know. Plus it's really a Republlican drink. You should be drinking bourbon, a blue collar, common man, thing.

Bob, the Never tell a man what to drink, or how much to drink or if you do, watch out for your eyes.:smokin

Jerry Daschofsky

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LOL Steve. I guess my hard college partying days (hell, I can't lie, even my high school partying days) must've left me with one helluva tolerance. Sat with a good friend of mine and polished off a full bottle of Glen when we met up at the Skykomish Spey Clave. Felt great (and not near sluring). Then he pulled out some Macmallens after that. Then I fealt, well, a bit tipsy. ;)

I usually don't drink at night. Try to stay away from alcohol as much as possible. Too many empty calories. With zero activity, cut out as much of the empy calories as I can.

Hal Eckert

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"Take nothing but pictures leave nothing but your tracks"

One beer on weekend nights (Becks, Heineken, or Corona) nothing any other time.

Have to try some Campari and soda though, spotted a bottle the other day in the discount liquor store and it brought back campari memories. LOL

Scotch that will kill you just about done with hard liquor now wine and beer are about it for me and some Mikes Lemonade in the summer. Good for fly tying creativitiy.




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I must protest! This thread is completely inappropriate for such a fine group as we typically have visiting this site. Furthermore, the question is too vague to be answered correctly. For instance, does Scotch refer to single malts only or do blended whiskeys count towards the total? Are we talking singles or doubles? I think that this post is an affront to the decency and dignity of all who visit this site and should not be tolerated by any of us. If I should meet Steve on a trout stream one day I will throw rocks at him, call him rude names, and fart in his general direction.

Now if you'll excuse me I need to go make a fresh pot of coffee. I think I have just enough Wild Grouse left to flavor it very nicely. Of course, that won't count towards my total because I've already left this post, haven't I.

Y’know Bob, I’ve been doing some thinking. After reading your posts for two years and almost never agreeing with you on any subject (other than our mutual passion for flyfishing and the Seahawks), it dawned on me: Perhaps one reason for our polarity is that I have never given you the benefit of the doubt and actually tried any of your ideas. That is inexcusable. So last night I decided to change that and take some of your wisdom for a test drive.

Having no strong liquor in my house, I hoofed it over to my neighbor’s (a true blue democrat) and asked for a bottle of whatever democrats drink. He said a true democrat will drink anything with alcohol in it, but that if he had to choose… and handed me a bottle of the cheapest whiskey he could find. I headed home and began pouring.

It turns out, you could not be more correct. After three or four drinks, Skinny’s political writings actually did start to make some sense. Even yours were beginning to come into focus just before I passed out. Anyway, thanks for helping me with that. It looks like maybe I’ve underestimated you.

By the way, I am not if favor of censoring Kalm. He’s the only lib that I can understand while sober. We need to keep him around so that he can explain what the heck the rest of you are talking about. Cheers!


Steve Buckner

Mother Nature's Son
Funny Bright rivers, you made me laugh again today...

maybe a few drinks is all we need to be on the same page! And as you said, a few more and we're on the same page with anybody else...

And you're right, a true democrat will drink anything with liquor in it, tonight it's canadian blends...

Steve Buckner
Hey Steve:
Are you actually in Toledo? I grew up in Winlock, started flyfishing on the Toutle years ago, eventually moved to the Dry Side and my flyfishing is mostly desert lakes now. A couple of Velvet Hammers make posting more enjoyable. Tight lines;
Jim <*(())><
am also from the dry side of this great state. they have bl in every store and minimart. it makes me feel i know more than i know. just ripped the top of of another.