New vintage gear this weekend. Rod ID?

Was over at my folks yesterday to do some casting/fishing so I got thinking about an old rod my dad had out in garage that I had never used and I had never seen him use. I pulled it down and it was a one piece 9' glass rod. It is brown with red wraps and two decorative wrap sections that are kind of a rainbow set of colors. It has a spring loaded uplocking reel seet but no markings at all. It has a half wells grip(as best I can remember this morning). Any ideas? I threw a 5 weight line on it and it cast fine, don't know what line weight it takes I think 5/6 looked about right.

It had a compac 47 reel on it, which was a little large. It is a Flueger copy like 1498 size i think.
Dad also had an Ocean City 77 reel in good shape that I will setup for this vintage rod.

I will try to get pics when I get home. Been a little busy finishing my masters at UW. Presenting this afternoon at 4:15. When this is over I will have a lot more time to fish and share some of my new things I have been working on while lurking here.
Hope the pics work, Just a decoratice wrap, reel seat and grip area. The rest of the rod is just plain old brown fiber glass with redish brown wraps. No markings just says patented on the seat.
Would be nice to have it rewrapped and clean the reel. I don't know if it's worth anything but sentimental value. Seems like it might make a nice salmon for
Thanks guys never heard of ferialite soI looked it up, did anyone make it other than fenwick? I dont think it looks any different than any other unsanded fiberglass rods.

The wrappings are actually in good shape just that one rainbow one had a hanging string, I took care of it and sealed it back in. The reel is actually a newer Pflueger supreme that I put on it for some casting. It works just fine. Altough about last saturday it broke right in front of the grip so I had to cut it clean and sleeve in a piece of a carbon fiber rod and move the rod back into the grip a little. Its about 3" shorter now so about 9'2". Cast just fine still. I also sanded the grip on my lathe when it was off and recoated it so it is clean now. Same for the reel seat, although it was pretty clean it just needed a little buffing with some steel wool=oil.