pontoon "Customization"

I'm a new owner of a sportmans warehouse 9 (made by outcast, exact replica) just curious if any of you 'tooners have anything you've changed or added to make them work better or more "organized"
one thing i know for sure is i need a damn cupholder :)
Haha I like how to first reply is in the best cup holder, it's so hard to store a beer in your wader chest pocket, row, drink and fish at the same time


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I haven't tried a motor on mine yet but the anchor lock is below the motor mount....
Yes, below...but directly in line with. Yes?
If you dropped a 10-20lb piece of lead rapidly from that lock, it would land directly on your motor.
To be fair, Outcast/Fishcat isn't the only manufacturer with this well thought out design...
Not once you include the offset of
The motor mount is included...I have a 45# minnkota and went to check since that last post got me thinking...just leave enough anchor line out that the anchor is just off the water and it won't touch the motor


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See the motor mount? See the gizmo attached to the bottom of it? Remember your motor protrudes forward, or if you reverse the head, the prop protrudes forward. If you stop and drop, where's it going to land? Maybe your boat is different.


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Things I'd recommend based on experience:

1. Scotty everything. Get some Scotty rail mounts, extensions, and rod holders. You can move them around at will and they have a cup holder than works well too in their mounts. The Scotty anchor system is good too. You may need that for the bow mount for indicator fishing.

2. A K-Pump. Expensive but worth it as there's next to no effort

3. A Rule Inflator/Deflator. $75-$80 and it will inflate your toon in less than two minutes.

4. A few carabiner clips to expand the use of the d-rings. I got mine at REI for $6.50 each. You can get them for less but these are color matched and look cool and are light. I'm always using them to hang or tie something on.

5. Need running lights? I found a great Atwood set at Walmart for $30 and they are LED. The bow mount is a clip on so fabricate something for one of your Scotty mounts. The stern light stem is cheesy so I Gorilla taped and hose clamped them to a Scotty extension for the rod holder and it's perfect though not totally bristol looking.

Nice boat, you'll love it. Have fun with the toys too.
those are all GREAT ideas, i definately need more rod mounts i've been taking to rods and nowhere convenient and out of the way to put the second is frustrating. i Have a 12v electric inflator deflator that ive been using to get it close to full and then hand pump the rest. Lights...now that sounds like some fun!