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A watercraft, stillwater and warm water morning. I took the new boat on it's maiden voyage today and was very pleased with the results. It is quite stable and will work well for standup fly fishing. With a broad flat bottom I don't have to be too careful about standing up off center because it just doesn't roll much. It is kind of a takeoff on the Denny's Dinky that has been featured in a fly fishing magazine lately but is about 6'' wider and 3'' deeper. The 30# Minn Kota moves it along smartly and somehow I located the oars perfectly the first time and it rows effortlessly. Seat location is also ideal so no fine tuning will be necessary. I will however order a swivel seat for it as the thwart is a prostate killer despite it's generous cushion. The front cubbies swallow all the detritus that normally clutters the boat's interior and makes moving around inside much easier. My official evaluation after a few hours on the water is: This is a damned nice little boat.

I visited Lake Leo which 12 years ago was a dandy cutthroat fishery. Back then it also held some very large brook trout but I haven't caught a trout out of there in years. A fine stillwater that died at the hand of a bar room biologist. It needs a generous dose of rotenone but sure as hell if it was killed off and restocked with cutthroats some hillbilly would introduce 'baa-yus' there again.

So now it has crappie and lots of them. They are bigger this year and provide some very nice fillets. Right now they seem to be right at the edge of the lake in what looks like water too shallow to fish. I cruise around till I find them searching with a spinning rod and crappie jigs. Once I find them I anchor up and catch them on a fly rod with various bead head nymps and buggers. Needless to say they are superb table fare when beer battered and fried in Crisco.

If you are nearby and have some crappie skills this would be a nice lake to visit. It has a decent campground that is seldom ever filled. Take some of these fish. Please. It is a lake that kids can fish easily with a bobber and crappie jig . Forget the worms, if the kids must have bait tip the jigs with something called crappie nibbles. Kids just want to catch fish, they aren't hung up on ethics or peer pressure-they just want to see that bobber go under and jerk!

Catching them on a flyrod is not as easy as it would appear given their numbers and aggressive nature. A sink tip line with a weighted fly seems to work well. The retrieve seems to favor a draw and pause type of action where the fly moves up and down in the water column and goes pretty slow. Strikes aren't strikes at all as the fish simply inhales the fly and the line goes tight. Since the action is usually fast though they are a lot of fun on a light fly rod.

Come take all you want, we have an abundance. Good times and good eats.



Sounds like something to do over memorial day weekend. Do you think that there would be a couple of spots for travel trailers? My Daughter and son in law just bought a new TT and it needs break-in trip, and I could do a little fishing and provide a big mess of fish and chips.

Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
Wow! Your new pram sure looks good in the water. That is some very still water!
I love the way the pram just fits inside your trailer. Very fine custom set-up!


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Thanks for all the kind words about my boat. I'm glad you liked it. I was impressed enough myself that I came home and immediately ordered a nice padded swivel seat for it and a dandy new Garmin fish finder. I should have those installed in another few days.

Inspiration for the boat came from materials that were hanging around the barn taking up space. I used as much scrap wood as possible and probably held the cost down to under $400. The biggest expense was a 5 quart unit of epoxy. The color choice came from my experiences in the Carribbean and the brightly colored boats I have seen in National Geographic in places such as the Mediterranean, African coast and SE Asia. With camo now seen on such disparate items such as MP-3 players, sofas and evening gowns I am pretty much sick of that color scheme and wanted something in a happier color. This boat fills the bill nicely.

Build one-you'll like it!